New Phase of Thinking Michael begins

My. God. has this been too long in the making.

I already got started on videos a while ago, but it’s taken me a while to really find my groove. But life kind of did this…

And I don’t just mean ‘groove’ jokingly. What I’ve discovered I’ve needed is, indeed, a groove. I’ve just needed to do what I’ve been meaning to do repeatedly. I’ve also needed a global pandemic to not happen, and certain other things I’ve talked about to death…

But I know I’ve got this now. I’ve already started, I got into the groove, and I’m right around the corner to cranking it up. The goal is at least 1 new video Tuesday-Thursday for now. Months down the road if I can do this* for a living, I can release several videos every single day. You all know how I’ve always got things on my mind I gotta get out.

There are other things I’m still trying to get going, but that’s for me to know and you to see in the future.

You may be wondering about that asterisk from before. That asterisk means “let me define the word ‘this,’ when I say ‘If I can do this for a living.'”

“This” includes TM’s sister entity, TM2, where I talk about non-serious things like books, movies, and games. Click here to watch my first big video on TM2’s YouTube channel. “This” also includes my books, and I got a hell of a non-fiction to release this year.

Thinking Michael has existed for years now, and never meant to be anything, but now I want it to be. But it’s not the endgame, just the means to get to the endgame, like how Jeff Bezos’ endgame is space travel and he founded Amazon in order to fund his space projects. (My thing won’t be anywhere near that scale, but same idea.)

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