Why Tulsi Failed

Tulsi Gabbard has suspended her presidential campaign. She was my preferred choice for president since she began her campaign. Frankly, though, I never thought she stood a chance. Here’s why Tulsi failed, from my perspective.

She has no fire. While I admire Tulsi’s calm temperament as a person, one of the ugly truths about being involved in politics is that you can’t always be calm, you can’t always be gentle. Politics is equally as vicious as the business world, if not more so. I like and respect Tulsi’s genuine character, and her respectable nature as a real woman, she just doesn’t have the fire it takes to play in the big leagues. She would have been an amazing president if elected, but achieving that is a whole other ballgame. Winning and ruling aren’t the same thing, but one is required to get to the other. Tulsi has what it takes to rule, but not to conquer all who stand in her way. Again, I like that about her as a person – in fact, it’s why I trust her so much in a world where you can’t trust politicians – but it’s because of that that she could not win.

Sure, her shining moment throughout her entire campaign was torpedoing Kamala Harris, but even that was only one occasion, and when she did it, she did it very calmly. Again, admirable, but this only worked because circumstances were perfect in the moment for her to calmly say what’s wrong with Kamala. Had she stood a chance in the race, and been on the stage every debate, Tulsi would not have been able to rely on perfect circumstances to use her fangs. Particularly true as president if she won election.

Another reason she failed: It was the wrong time to run. Trump’s economy, at least before the COVID-19 pandemic, was booming. The economy was stronger than it had ever been in American history. Record-low employment, record-high stock market points. Trump is, of course, running for a second term. Nobody stands a chance, which is why literally only one Republican in the whole country even tried to run against him. He’s not the disastrous president we all expected him to be. It’s hard to persuade people he needs to be voted out of office when he’s making things so good for the whole country.

The most obvious reason she failed: The Democratic party is indescribably corrupt. She never stood a chance for that reason alone. The Democrats rig the process so that only their establishment choice wins nomination, always.

The final reason Tulsi failed: She’s a good person. This partly goes back to the first point, but what I want to hit on here is how shitty people reacted to her candidacy. Namely, her own Democratic party. Tulsi is not establishment, she rejects identity politics, she’s against open borders, she’s against socialism, and her dislike of Trump is not psychosis-level. Tulsi is actually a good person, in a party dominated by people who care only about who agrees with them. Tulsi cares about doing what’s right, the Democrats only care about appealing to their most psychotic outspoken constituents.