#CoronaVirus China is to Blame. Time to Let it Collapse.

This pandemic could have easily been prevented. Not all can, but this one could have been.

Money only has the value people believe it has. Nobody tapes tiny bits of gold, or steel, or food to their currency. Our currency is just paper (cotton, technically). The only thing that makes Monopoly dollars less valuable than actual dollars is that people believe one has more value than the other.

The world is in a state of lockdown right now. It varies in degree by nation, but it’s essentially every nation now. The economy has come to a grinding halt. And this should be a wake-up call to everybody on how fragile the entire system is. It’s not that there is a shortage of goods at the moment, but that fact could very much change as more and more people stay home. The more people stay home, the fewer goods are produced, the fewer people invest in businesses, and the fewer services and conveniences are available.

The less there is available, the more people become desperate. The more people are desperate, the less value our money has. It really doesn’t take long to go from buying meat with dollar bills, to only being able to trade meat you caught yourself for some other good. Many things in life, like this, are like a Jenga tower. Remove just a few blocks and the whole thing tumbles down. That’s why you don’t let it get that bad. There’s STILL no agreement on what caused the Great Depression 90 years ago…

All I’m trying to say is that you can’t let the economy come to a grinding halt. We’ve never done it in the entire history of the United States, and for good reason. Even during the Spanish Flu pandemic, even during the West Nile, SARS, and Swine Flu, and Ebola pandemics, the stores were still open; people were not confined to their homes. I think it may be justified to do so in the very beginning, such as aggressively but ethically catching and quarantining everyone known to have such illnesses. If it’s everywhere, there’s not much you can do. This is especially true in the current case of COVID-19, where it spreads so easily, and is even contagious while its hosts show no symptoms. It sucks, and I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but it’s true. COVID-19 is with us, it’s everywhere, and even if we all quarantine for a year-straight (which is impossible), it’s still highly likely the virus will reemerge and there will be yet another wave of this pandemic.

I strongly disbelieve that we cannot defeat this thing. I hope I am wrong.

Like many things in life that are tragic and horrible, sometimes the best you can do is prevent it altogether. The best way to stop is to never start, like they say about drugs. How could we have prevented this outbreak? BY LEAVING COMMUNIST CHINA TO COLLAPSE.

The United States started doing business with China in the 1970s, I believe, and my fucking god, what a stupid idea that was. Guess what happened to the Soviet Union? It collapsed. Guess what could happen to China? It can collapse just as easily, and for the same reason. Because collapse is the inevitable fate of every communist regime, because communism never can and never will work. (The only reason they have a large economy is because they started allowing some capitalism.) The problem is not the innocent people in these nations, it’s their authoritarian, communist governments.

China committed 3 colossal fuck ups that led to this outbreak: 1), Allowing the capture, sale, and improper consumption of any wild animals in their wet markets, especially bats; 2), Attempting to silence all who tried to warn the world of this virus before it spread beyond the borders of China. 3), Doing nothing to stop the spread before it left China.

One of the top reasons you can never trust communists is because they will do anything – I mean anything – to appear as though their system works. It’s some kind of psychosis, because even people who live in capitalist societies with communist sympathies think this way (like Bernie Sanders). “Sure it’s failed literally every time it’s been tried, but NEXT TIME will be different!” That’s one of the greatest proofs communism never works: There wouldn’t be any need to pretend it works if it actually did. The Soviet Union silenced dissent and concealed truths just as much as China. North Korea, the same. The point I’m making in this paragraph is that this will never stop being a problem with China. We can’t trust them to do the right thing, we can’t trust them to tell us the truth, we can’t trust them to work with us fairly.

Communist regimes serve themselves first, their people second, and the rest of the world third. The CORRECT order of priorities would be exactly that, except scratch off the first one entirely. If this wasn’t true about China, why would they ban references to Winnie the Pooh of all things? It was all because somebody said Xi Jinping looked like Winnie the Pooh. Such fragile feelings, dictators have. (Say what you want about Trump, at least he doesn’t try, nor could if he wanted, to silence people who openly disdain him. America is greater in literally every way to China because its people have that level of freedom.)

Don’t even get me started on what they’re currently doing to Muslims. Don’t even get me started on their “social credit” surveillance system. Don’t get me started on … anything the Chinese government does.

For ethical reasons, for safety reasons, for economic reasons, and even for cultural reasons (China is rapidly expanding its global influence), the United States needs to cut off China from our market. The UK and European Union needs to cut off China. Let this authoritarian regime collapse. We got along just fine without it, we’ll get along fine without it again. After the communists surrender control back to the people, then let’s trade with them again. Until then, why the hell do we associate with them at all?

In the meantime, the rest of the world is gambling with its future. The coronavirus isn’t the first time China has produced a deadly pandemic, from the same source. If it produces something far deadlier, and the world once again has to go into lockdown, we won’t recover for a long time. This current virus is already causing tremendous economic damage that could possibly worsen.

(Don’t assume viruses are the only threat China poses to the rest of the world.)