My Silent Followers

Humans are weird creatures. We are a weird species.

For all the hate Nickelback has received over the years, they’re still a successful band. For all the hate Justin Bieber has received over the years, his career is still going strong. Despite the massive hatred for the Disney Star Wars movies, all but one of them has been a financial grand slam.

What I’m getting at is: People sure do like to say one thing, but do another. People sure like to openly hate things but secretly be in love with them.

I started this blog 4 years ago, and it was never my intention to get a massive following. I once wrote a post about what I’d do if that were to ever happen, but I never expected it. I don’t want to blog for a living; meaning this blog would actually become a curse if it were to ever have a massive following.

Nevertheless, this blog now has around 250 total followers, with over 14,000 post views. Who knows how many more views this blog would have if I had never removed 95% of its posts. Of course, those are still nothing numbers compared to a lot of YouTube channels (where I actually do hope to have a large following someday), but that’s still a lot for something I use just to get thoughts out of my mind, with minimal regard for editing and no regard whatsoever for mass appeal. I’ve never paid attention to what is popular on the internet to write about; I write what’s on my mind, period.

That’s not the most interesting of my observations, though. I’ve noticed that my audience is … incredibly silent.

My single-most popular post accounts for 6% of all views my blog has ever had. Not a single comment, or even so much as a like. Same goes with my second-most popular post, and third, and fourth, and fifth. Or, take a look at my blog’s Facebook page. It has around 80 followers, even though I never hashtag or use paid boosts, but the story is still the same: Nobody ever comments or leaves an emoji reaction.

Yet, my posts get dozens of views each. The more drawing ones get hundreds. But my audience doesn’t react at all… This demonstrates that people are paying attention, but only to read. Okay, I shouldn’t say comments never happen, but they’re rare. The only negative comments I get have come from members of my ex-wife’s family, who never have any actual arguments, they just whine that I’m wrong. Thanks to them for showing me where she gets her permanent immaturity. Now, as for positive comments, those are more frequent but still pretty rare. People really just … read and then wait for the next post. It’s strange.

I suppose this isn’t foreign to the theme of my blog: thinking. As much as I want discussion with my audience, I never state that. I must come across as “Here’s food for thought… Bye!” Then, my readers think about it, and then that’s it. Thinking Michael isn’t a show, it’s not a performance, so it shouldn’t be surprising don’t respond to it like a performance. Maybe everybody really does treat my posts like mental notes they hadn’t considered before, or from my specific angle. Eh, that’s okay. Still strange, though.