Bernie Sanders is the Worst

Why is Bernie terrible in every way? Why is he just the worst?

Bernie Sanders is a prime example of me changing my mind (something people have always said I never do). I used to be a Bernie Bro. In fact, I once wrote an article in 2016 on this blog explaining why he should be elected president. Back then, I didn’t understand socialism, and more importantly, I didn’t think Bernie was a true socialist. I thought he was just … ignorant with loose definition of the word.

But then I learned a few things. I learned what socialism is. I learned Bernie has never criticized any, literally any, socialist regime. I learned that all of his examples of socialist utopias, such as Denmark and Scandinavia, are not actually socialist at all. I learned just how meaningless the term “democratic socialist” is. I learned Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union, and I even heard him singing the Soviet anthem.

One of the things I used to like about Bernie, and to some degree I still can respect about him, is that he clings to what he believes in. That is only admirable if someone is capable of changing their mind. Bernie is not. Bernie has had the same sympathies for socialism as he had at the beginning of his political career.

So, the man is an actual socialist, and he’s incapable of changing his mind.

Our current economy is strong. By any metric you want to look at – seriously, pick any metric, whether it’s unemployment, or the stock market, GDP, wages, whatever – and it will show you that our economy really is as great as Trump brags. So, why the hell is Bernie still running for president with his socialist ideologies? Why is he still insisting that America needs socialism? If we truly are doing great right now, what’s the justification for tearing down the entire system that has made our country great for centuries and rebuild it in the image of socialism? The answer: There is none.

I have no doubt that Bernie wants everybody to be able to afford college, or medical insurance, etc. But this goes back to his inability to learn or change his mind. Life is more complicated than, “People get sick, and it’s really expensive, and I will make it no longer expensive!” Life is far more complicated than that, but I won’t get into that subject with this post. Bernie just doesn’t learn. He doesn’t crunch the numbers, no matter how many times he’s asked to do so; he doesn’t look for alternative methods than what failed regimes have tried… Nothing! He just says, “We tax the rich, and that will make everything wonderful!”

His supporters are literally the worst. What other candidate’s supporters behave like Bernie’s? What other candidate’s supporters go around damaging property, or screaming in people’s faces? Hell, what other candidate has their own supporters take over their own stage, by force? What other candidate has supporters that even try to do that in the first place? Not to mention, Bernie just stands back and lets it happen, which brings me to my next point…

Bernie is a weak man. The one thing any leader cannot be. The few, few times he has actually changed his position on any issue is when his supporters demand he do so. He never believed in open borders, but once his supporters say they want that, he suddenly supports it. He doesn’t lead his supporters, his supporters tell HIM what to do. That’s not characteristic of a leader at all. The man can’t even get security to keep his own crowds under control. This also proves that his supporters don’t even respect him. I cannot describe how immensely disrespectful it is to frequently, yes frequently, storm the stage when someone is talking, cut them off completely, and then make it all about you.

Bernie’s supporters, combined with his own weakness, prove that Bernie is not a leader at all, he’s just a channel. A channel through which radical left-wing politics is voiced and thrust upon the populace. If you can’t lead the very people who follow you, if the people who follow you don’t even have any respect for you, then you’re not qualified to lead at all.

Even worse is the fact Bernie keeps using the word ‘revolution’ to describe his campaign. While it is technically possible to have revolution without violence, ‘revolution’ is inherently a violent word, especially when tossed around with the average citizen. Most people who hear ‘revolution,’ and like the idea, do not think of voting their way to radical change.

Worst of all, when you combine everything I’ve pointed out so far, is the fact that Bernie is 78 years old. He has just about reached his 80s and hasn’t even begun working the most stressful job on Earth (if he’s ever elected president at all). What I mean is: He won’t be around very long to see the disastrous results of his communist agenda. I’ll be even more frank: If he’s elected, if he manages to implement everything he wants to implement, he’ll fuck up our entire economy, make life worse for everyone, and then croak. THAT is what makes him the worst. He won’t even be around long enough to say, “Oh god, what have I done?”

Like an asteroid. It hits, it causes massive destruction, and then it’s gone.