Toxic Femininity

I am prepared for over-sensitive feminists (and their sympathizers) to prove all my points here…

As I’ve previously explained both on this blog and my YouTube channel, I (strongly) don’t believe ‘toxic masculinity’ exists, in the sense that it is a logical fallacy. Masculinity is servitude. It is why men fantasize about being heroes, it is why they want to be the ones to move the couch or repair the car. Any abuse of a man’s strength or authority is simply that: an abuse of his strength or authority; something which anyone of any sex or age can do. I myself was bullied in kindergarten by a girl named Tanisha. When I attended Christian private school, the most hated teacher was a woman, Mrs. Ulrich, who once dropped my chair back in front of everybody, and even after I reported it, nothing was done about it. So, literally anyone can abuse their strength or authority. Sometimes, males need to be told to be better men, and sometimes females need to be told to be better women, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I stated in my YouTube video about ‘toxic masculinity’ that I do believe there is an argument for the existence of toxic femininity. Ultimately, the current state of the west is exemplary of this. There is no such thing as too much of a servitude mentality (masculinity), but there certainly is a such thing as over-sensitivity, excessive coddling, and having a sense of entitlement.

For decades now, and certainly within the last 10 years more than ever, our society has become over-feminized. Feelings are prioritized above facts, sensitivity is prioritized above truth (especially hard truths), parenting has been reduced to making one’s kids happy with them at all costs instead of building strength and imparting proper life skills through discipline.

So, toxic masculinity doesn’t exist, but toxic femininity can? Yes. Why does it work one way and not the other? In short, femininity is not servitude. It doesn’t drive women to give up their jackets when it’s cold, it doesn’t drive women to bravely shield their loved ones during a massacre, it doesn’t drive women to volunteer to fight in wars. All of these are baseline masculine traits – they are manifestations of servitude. Femininity, in essence, is not servitude, it’s actually the opposite: Fragility, coddling of others, and waiting to be served.

Who does the proposing in a relationship? Who asks for the first date? Who pays for the first date (or literally every date)? Who repairs the house and car? Who has always been the breadwinner? Men want to take the initiative, but at the same time, how many females out there reject men doing things for them? For all women talk these days about ‘equality,’ they also, strangely, cannot help but want to keep the special treatment they’ve always had. They want someone to open doors for them, they want someone to pull out their chair for them, they want someone to provide for them … all to the degree they’ll complain when it’s not happening to them.

Femininity has always served a purpose. Men, being the types to take the initiative, to want to serve, have (obviously) always been the fathers of children, and since women can only get impregnated by one man at a time, and women have a limited window of fertility (compared to overall lifespan), and childbirth was always potentially life-threatening, women needed to be highly selective of who they… allowed in, so-to-speak.

10 months to carry the baby, a few months to recover from birthing the baby (if she survived at all), and then a few years monitoring the baby while it’s completely helpless and reckless … all before starting the process over again. This was life for women for 99% of our species’ existence. Where’s the wiggle room for being a strong warrior, a provider, or a protector in that framework? There isn’t any. Yes, basically what I’m saying is that women couldn’t afford to have a sacrificial, selfless nature for most of our history. In a way, they still can’t. Wars still exist, resource scarcity still exists, boys and girls still naturally look up to their fathers as idols of strength and knowledge most, and men are still bigger and stronger, thus little has changed for women to legitimately take on a different role in human societies. Feminists will vehemently proclaim otherwise, and I’d love to hear them try without citing societal benefits for which men foot the bill. Just being honest.

Women are built to be mothers, period. Whether they like it or not, that’s the fact of the matter. It’s why they menstruate, it’s why they’re more emotional, and it’s why they want to coddle everything. Why else do women who claim they don’t want kids end up having dogs and/or cats, which they become extremely attached to, regardless of their relationship status? It’s because even when they “don’t want to be mothers,” that instinct still inevitably surfaces. Women are built to grow babies inside them, and then nurture their helpless child. Their entire nature centers around this. Hell, it’s even the reason women are more prone to autoimmune diseases – when they’re not having kids, and it’s true women are statistically not really having kids much anymore, their bodies react, essentially screaming, “Why are you not using me for what I’m built for???”

Women should be the way I’ve been describing, but their nature becomes toxic to society, and even to themselves, when that nature is misused. It is beneficial and crucial for society when women focus their nature on what it has always been meant for. The problem is: Women are misusing their nature. They are bastardizing it.

It is good for women to wait for a man to come along to provide for them, protect them, and put strong babies in their bellies. But what are we seeing these days? Women are waiting around for everything to be given to them. You know, women have always wanted to look pretty, to be fit and strong, because that’s what’s most attractive to men (even if they don’t consciously know the reason why), but these days, none of this is to attract a proper mate, it’s just to take as much as they can from men in general. (And don’t even try to tell me that’s untrue. I have a certain blog with countless stories of “women” I have known, from my mother, to my sister, to my ex-wife, and many more.) To hell with finding a man to give her the ability to focus on caring for her helpless infants… No, women these days seem to only want to draw men in, and then get pregnant only to use our laws and biased society to have a free ride through life at the expense of their kids and kids’ father. That’s the ultimate bastardization of being a woman.

Not to mention victimhood culture. Another example of the bastardization of femininity. Lying in family court of abuse, lying in general (usually of rape) just to ruin a guy’s life even after it’s proven to be false. That’s not the end of it, because apparently that wasn’t bad enough already. An entire fraction of our society believes in victimhood hierarchy, where the more perceived victim status you have, the more everybody else has to shut up and listen to you, and give in to your demands. Are you black? Victimhood status. Are you a black woman? Victimhood status plus! Are you a black trans woman? Victimhood gold status! Yes, we outright glorify victimhood now… This doesn’t motivate anyone to be a better person, it only motivates people to find creative ways to make everyone see them as a victim. It makes people want to be a victim, whether they truly are or not, doesn’t matter.

Yet another example of bastardization of femininity: Look at girls online these days. Countless girls, and I mean countless, showing off their goods to whoever stumbles upon their account, be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever. And what’s the purpose behind that? Are they looking for a mate, or just attention? Again, it’s good for girls to want to be attractive, to draw as many eyes as possible in the hopes that the right mate will be drawn to them, but in the online world, we all know that’s not what they’re after. These girls are after money, and men are stupid enough to throw money at them for no reason other than being aroused by them. I can’t entirely blame these men. Females have power over us at a basic instinct level, and when a female is attractive enough to us, we stupidly want to serve her even if she doesn’t deserve it at all, whether it’s doing her favors, or … throwing money at her.

All of this is what I mean by toxic femininity. The bastardization of men’s instinct to serve them. The bastardization of bearing and raising children, which can now be described as ‘getting knocked up, then living off welfare and so-called child support.’ The bastardization of a woman’s natural tendency to coddle, resulting in entire generations now being raised to be entitled, weak, and lack desire to improve themselves (“You’re perfect just the way you are!”).

Safe spaces on college campuses, senseless applause whenever anyone on any stage says anything in praise of women, the massive imbalance in our family court system… We are, without a doubt, living in a matriarchal society. If you want to try to argue that “most politicians are male,” then do not forget 2 important facts: First, politics is always downstream from culture, and secondly, ever since women got the right to vote, they have been the dominant voting block, meaning they’re the ones putting people in power for 100 years now. For better or worse, politicians reflect the culture that elected them, so this is not even an argument. We do live in a matriarchal society.

Hell… My boss one day told me that the company, which he owns and operates with his wife, is actually 90% owned by his wife, and they get some kind of tax benefit for being female-owned. So do not try to tell me we don’t live in a matriarchal society. We do, and society is going downhill fast. We’re getting weak, we’re getting stupid, and we’re getting unprecedentedly selfish.

Perhaps it’s good to have gone through this phase? I’ve always thought it was good that the Soviet Union existed, and North Korea as well, because now humanity knows beyond any doubt that socialism doesn’t work. Korea is literally divided in half, with one side capitalist and the other side socialist, and let’s just say one side has far more lights on at night than the other. The same applies to our now-matriarchal society: We’ve tried it, and now we know it doesn’t work.

Women are not built to serve everyone around them. They are not naturally inclined to give up their jacket in the cold, or to stay behind on the sinking ship, or to swoop in and save the day when the odds of survival are stacked against them, no matter how much feminists want everyone to think they are. Women are inherently selfish creatures, which is a good thing when properly applied (as I’ve said several times now), but it is not being properly applied anymore, at least as much as it should be. It is toxic for everyone to be coddled. It is toxic for everyone to be attention-seeking and self-absorbed. It is toxic to think victimhood should never be questioned, or that it excuses someone from responsibility, or that it inherently makes someone flawless. Why else has comedy now being demonized, where EVERYTHING is an offensive joke? Why else do we have safe spaces? Why else are we being forced to pretend that one’s sex is entirely determined by whatever they want it to be? Why else is any and all criticism of women, or any ‘protected’ group, considered hate speech? Why else are men who desire to be with their kids being thrown aside simply for being born male?

Who or what is to blame for this? It’s men. Easily. Men allowed this to get out of hand. We somehow thought it was virtuous, or that it increased our odds of getting laid. Well, it’s not virtuous, and women are actually turned off seeing feebleness in men. (Seriously, guys, no matter how much a girl says they like seeing you cry, or likes it when you submit to her every demand … that is a trap.) Maybe it was guilt that allowed this matriarchal coup? Feminists complained of patriarchy, and society went, “Hmm, maybe they have a point…”

I don’t think it was any of these reasons … entirely. I think it was because of our very nature. Masculinity. The same drive that makes us want to sacrifice our lives to shield them from gunfire, to freely give them our hard-earned money, to stay behind on the sinking ship so that they can get on a lifeboat, to stay in the cold and rain repairing our broken-down car that’s ruining our road trip while you stay in the car with a warm, dry blanket…

Men are not perfect. By NO fucking means am I saying that. But I am saying that being sacrificial is at our core. Nature made us to be the expendable ones, which is why Mother Gaia made us physically and mentally superior. She gave us the power for one purpose: to serve; not just serve our women, but also our children, and parents, and siblings, and community. What else would we use it for? Some men have no interest in being real men at all, and completely lack that sacrificial nature they are supposed to have, but it’s certainly not most men. Think of beta males, just as one example. Even when it comes to being utterly pathetic and submissive to whatever an attractive girl demands … some men still choose to be pathetic and helplessly servile … for them, simply because those men (foolishly) believe that’s what they want. All I’ve been saying is that you are far, far more likely to find this degree of selflessness in males than females. I’ve been speaking in generalizations, not absolutes.

Men need women. I heard a phrase recently that I don’t know who to attribute to. The phrase is: Men test ideas, and women test men. I full-heartedly believe this phrase. Men absolutely need women to make them better men. I hate when people say getting laid makes you a man. No, you become a man when you are willing to bear the load, when you are willing to sacrifice. That can happen at any age. Women drive this more than any of our buddies, or our parents or siblings. Men are not men without women. The greatest of men are driven most to serve their children, even above their partner, but that might be a subject for another time. The greatest of men have both masculine and feminine traits, though are certainly most adept at being masculine. We are not sacrificial, we are not inclined to provide, or to protect, unless our girl wants and needs these things from us. Our children certainly need those things from us.

But girls, my god, you have an obligation to be real women as well. Just like with men, it’s not about age, it’s about character. And just like with men, the greatest of women have both masculine and feminine traits. They are strong, physically and emotionally. They want to be served, but are also willing to serve, and not just their kids, but their partner and community. This is why I personally have more respect for a true woman than a true man: Females don’t naturally have inclinations to be strong, sacrificial, or utterly devoted to their partners. Thus, when I see it, I’m mesmerized by it. Most of the time, what we see is every man they get with seems to just be a placeholder until she decides to trade up for the next one she wants to try out. If men shouldn’t do this, what possibly makes it acceptable for women?

If you think about it, real men and real women are almost exactly the same, except for the most obvious differences.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I believe real women are on the verge of extinction. We only have girls now, it seems. Girls, you don’t deserve to be served and sacrificed for simply because you’re alive. If you fool a man into sacrificing his time, money, and devotion for you, then you have done just that: fooled him. You didn’t earn it. At least you get to grow old knowing that much.

It is a man’s place to take care of his people and his family, and it is a woman’s place to take care of her family. We are seeing men being thrown aside, and now everyone is either so coddled they get triggered by the slightest discomfort, or they’re jumping on the “I wonder how many things I can take from everyone around me?” train.

Everyone must live by standards, both men and women. Why do we only hold standards to men?

Lastly, I know it’s a common feminine trait to always want more regardless of how much you already have, but ladies, when you put that to the test, you don’t truly want more. Statistically, you are now more miserable than you’ve ever been, during this current age of greater female empowerment than ever before. Your happiness has only dropped more and more with each passing decade since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Being promiscuous doesn’t make you happy, lacking a man to commit to for life (regardless how bored of him you get) doesn’t make you happy, putting your body on display for all the world to see doesn’t make you happy, and last but certainly not least, being childless doesn’t make you happy. You can fool yourselves into thinking these things do make you happy, but trust me, it’ll hit you when your beauty fades, which, sorry to break it to you, will happen faster than you think. You are only hurting yourselves with all these demands for more power and hyper-individuality. Stop being selfish. Stop being girls, and start being women.