“Get a Job” is a Stupid Phrase

Weird, I know, that my first post after explaining I’m a conservative now is heavily criticizing something virtually only conservatives say. For the record, the phrase I’ll be talking about here is not something I’ve been told since I was a teen (that I know of). I’m talking about it because I’ve witnessed it being said to my generation, and “zoomers” my entire life, and I’ve always been beyond annoyed with it.

“Get a job.” Let’s explore why this is even a phrase before I explain why it’s stupid.

This phrase is virtually only said toward people who aren’t highly motivated, right? Or, is it only said toward people who seem unmotivated? There are variants of this phrase, such as, “Find a better job,” or, “Get a real job.” In essence, these mean you either need to get a job that pays better, or start working something that counts as ‘real work.’

First and foremost, I need to point out the fact that it’s baby boomers you hear these from most. Boomers… You know, the generation that made everything worse for future generations in almost every way. They inherited a rich, booming economy in the aftermath of WWII, when America became a superpower. Polluting the environment more than all previous generations? That started with the boomers. Outsourcing American jobs overseas? That started with the boomers. Borrowing money (national debt) in the first place? Boomers again. The sexual revolution? Boomers yet again. Hippies? Boomers, boomers, boomers. I can understand millennials getting flack for behaving like entitled brats, but it does not compare to how boomers have always behaved. When young, boomers were more entitled, lazier, and more careless.

Good for that generation, being able to buy houses and properties when it was all dirt cheap. Seriously, good for them. The problem is: What did they do to ensure millennials and gen-z could have an equally-successful world to inherit from them? Damn near nothing. Seems they ravaged the garden rather than planting any crops to replace them.

Don’t forget probably the most important fact of all, boomers: You raised us.

This is the basis for why I find the phrase “Get a job” beyond idiotic. Back in their day, boomers could solve damn near any one of their problems by just getting a job. One job paid for the house, the car, the food, the kids, the dog, the electricity, the water, and saved up for retirement. And I do mean ‘one job,’ because you cannot forget that back in the day, wives commonly stayed at home to take care of the house and care for their younger kids. These days, good luck finding a job that can do all of that. Good luck finding a couple younger than 50 where only one of them needs to work. I’m not implying every job 50 years ago could pay for anything and everything, but they were commonplace. Now, they’re damn near extinct.

If boomers weren’t the worst generation, you’d hear them say and do something else, instead of basically saying, “You’re on your own, sonny!” Boomers, if they had sense, would see the value in investment. I’d be substantially more tolerant of a phrase like, “Give me a reason to invest in you,” if it were commonplace, instead of just, “Get a job.” I have never seen this in my own life. Literally never. Not once have I seen an example of a boomer investing in their child’s future. I don’t mean a college fund (we’ll get into that stupidity later), I mean with an actual business. Obviously, it happens – Jeff Bezos started Amazon with $300k from his parents’ life savings – I’m just saying I’ve never seen it in my own life, anywhere, with anyone.

Jeff Bezos told his parents that Amazon was more likely to fail than succeed. They still made the investment in their son.

I’ve never heard anyone, in my personal life, tell a story of how their (boomer) parents invested anything in some kind of venture they wanted to try. Not $5,000, and certainly not a near-life-savings amount. Hell, I can’t even think of a time someone told a story about their (boomer) parents guiding them on how to start a business. Why am I putting such emphasis on starting a business? Because creating a business is substantially better than just ‘finding’ a job. If boomers had sense, they’d want their kids and grandkids to create jobs, instead of just finding one. So much more financial potential in it. Jobs come and go. “A job” is like casual sex, providing what you need right here in the moment, but meaning nothing in the long run. “A job” is like casual sex, while a career and/or building a business is like monogamous, intimate sex. Building something from the ground up makes riches abound, or it dies out completely, but you never know if you don’t try. Boomers don’t even encourage others to try, and they certainly didn’t impart any long-term dedication mentality on later generations.

Now to address the closest boomers ever got to giving a damn about careers. That is: College. One thing I have heard countless times from boomers is that everyone should go to college. This is equally as stupid as ‘just getting a job.’ Why? Because college is not for everyone. College is only worth the time, and especially money, if someone wants a career that requires years of specific teachings, such as becoming a doctor. We are seeing the results of everyone going to college simply because that’s what’s expected of them. All it’s achieving is:

  1. Indoctrination of radical left-wing ideas.
  2. Racking up tens of thousands of dollars of debt.
  3. (Most importantly) Not actually learning anything valuable.

Getting a liberal arts degree? Meaningless. Majoring in gender studies? Worthless. Even most of the less ridiculous-sounding majors are a complete waste of time, such as philosophy, or even history.

“Just going to college” is a complete waste of time. In most cases, it doesn’t propel you forward, it sets you back. I’ll go as far as to say people these days graduate college dumber than when they went in. I’ve seen it with my own friends, whom I can’t stand anymore because all they achieved was becoming SJW lunatics (or sympathetic toward their views).

If boomers had any sense, they would have raised their kids to at least be good enough for college. It seems the most they ever cared was crossing their fingers and hoping for a Harvard acception. Otherwise, boomers have mostly just demanded their kids go to college, period, and put no further thought into it.

My god the things I’d do if my boomer parents had better sense, or at the very least, if I could turn to acquaintances or friends from that generation who took the future seriously. By ‘my parents,’ I mean my biological parents and adoptive. My bio-parents were too conceited to raise me at all, and my adoptive parents only raised me to do chores … and that’s pretty much it. My god what I could do if they raised me to have as many skills as possible, to think about how I could turn my passions into success (instead of just deeming them worthless and thus never paying them any attention). That’s what I’ve seen all over with boomers. Nothing is ever good enough. Only farming or industrial-type jobs do they accept, as if farming and working in factories are the only things human beings have ever done……

No boomer could have predicted PewDiePie, becoming a millionaire from making YouTube videos. No boomer could have predicted selling books on the internet could turn you into the richest person alive (Amazon). Take the Kardashian girl (I honestly don’t remember her name) who became a billionaire selling make up products; no boomer could have predicted that.

Work is work, boomers, whether you approve of it or not. A product is a product, a service is a service. The world doesn’t give a shit if you personally find the product or service worthwhile; millions of people might, even if you don’t. Boomers, you’ve spent too many years telling people what they’re doing isn’t good enough. You’ve spent too many years telling people to aim for short-term success (“Get a job” and “Just go to college”). Get with reality. Actually, never mind, it’s too late; the damage of your short-sightedness is already done.

Basically, what I’m getting at is that boomers, the children of the greatest generation*, are the worst generation. They’re the worst because they got by recklessly and sloppily managing the world their parents built, and they still have little to offer the world now. They say, “Get a job,” or, “Get a better job,” or, “Get a REAL job,” because misunderstanding things and being short-sighted is how they’ve always been. They deserve the criticism they receive. Millennials are the first generation ever to be worse off than its parents.

Some nuance: If someone is truly a lazy bum, sitting around smoking pot all day and playing video games, with no genuine desire to do anything with their time, then sure, “Get a job” is appropriate. But, we all know this phrase has been used toward far more people than those types. Far more. Many people don’t do more because they don’t have the means to do more. I know I’m one of those people. Boomers made getting off to a good start far too difficult.

*Definitions vary about which years define which generation. When I say ‘the greatest generation,’ what I mean is everybody born between 1920-1945. In essence, those who had to spend their youth suffering the Great Depression and WWII, including the rebuilding years. The most selfless generation. I’m certain they tried to teach their boomer children, but their boomer children just had it so good that they didn’t listen. The 1960s is clear evidence of that.