I’m Conservative Now

My views haven’t really changed in the last decade, but the Left has changed, as well as what qualifies as common sense. When it comes to politics, a person has two ‘roles.’ One is their core beliefs, the other is their stance in the current political climate. One’s core beliefs almost never changes at all, but their strategy in the current political climate can change somewhat often. At my core, I’m a staunch liberal, or you could say ‘liberalist.’ The tenets of liberalism are what I believe to be most essential for a successful society, as well as the most fair, the most logical, and these tenets carry the most potential for a happy society.

I am not tribally conservative – I do not follow mainstream conservative views simply because that’s what the tribe thinks. I am not tribally conservative, but a conservative push for society is my war plan. If the day ever returns where conservativism dominates the culture, and they demand more Christian theocracy in our society, if they try outlawing gay marriage again, if they sit back and allow crony capitalism take hold again … I will be there to oppose all of it. But as of now, the enemies of fairness, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness is progressives, not conservatives.

The current Left doesn’t want fairness for all, it doesn’t want happiness for all. The current Left is dominated by infantile, uneducated wannabe tyrants. The shameless racism toward whites, the shameless sexism toward males, the shameless radical proposals, the shameless censorship, etc., has pushed me completely against the Left.

In my lifetime, most left-wingers did not love their country any less than conservatives, or believe in the existence of borders any less, or believe in the importance of self-determination any less. Both sides used to agree on basic, basic things, such as the fact men are men and women are women. Even that is a contentious issue now.

I may never go back. In the heart of most left-wingers is this unceasing desire to have revolution, even when it’s not necessary; there’s this desire to force change ‘for the greater good’ even if change would be detrimental. Most left-wingers, including liberals, have no sense of an end goal. If, say, they demand legalization of gay marriage, and legalization of marijuana, if gun violence is at an all-time low, if poverty was at an all-time low, etc., etc., left-wingers won’t stop being left-wingers. It’s almost as if by their very nature, nothing is ever good enough. Even if no animal was ever slaughtered for food again, if carbon emissions completely ceased, etc., left-wingers would just keep finding things to fight for. They’d start saying breathing air is wrong, they’d start saying walking on the ground is wrong…

Left-wingers are not the peace-loving people I once thought they were. Quite the opposite, actually. They’re forever geared to fight, and to always find something to fight against.

For me, I am satisfied for the most part. As satisfied as I can be, realistically. There will always be violence, unfairness, and injustice. But gay marriage is legal now, women have been able to vote for over a century, slavery and Jim Crow are gone… Realistically speaking, what’s left to fight for? I emphasize: realistically speaking.

I have to ask: What reason is there to ever go back to the Left? We have peak realistic egalitarianism. We have to conserve it now.