The Left Oppresses the Black Community – Understanding Racism Pt. 2

Be sure to read Part 1.

I’m just going to say this outright: The political left has a stranglehold on the black community. In all of their claims and hysteria about ‘fighting for African Americans,’ they are UNDOUBTEDLY the ones who want black people to remain in chains forever. Despite slavery being abolished 155 years ago, and Jim Crow laws 55 years ago, and one more fact I’ll get into soon, the left does not want to acknowledge how good blacks have it in the West, because if they ever did, they’d have no leverage to win elections. They are using the black community for their own gains, and yes, that can include members of their own community.

If the left really cared about the black community, they’d rejoice at all the examples of black prosperity, of which there are countless. We have numerous rich black celebrities and businessmen, despite the community making up only 1/7th of the population. But the left refuses to acknowledge that. No matter how successful the community becomes, they will never stop telling the community that they are oppressed and all their actual problems are never, ever their own doing. That, undoubtedly, is racism through manipulation.

Take the N word for example. There is NO reason that word should still be taboo. None. Words only have the power one gives them. Here, I’ll prove it with 3 examples:

  1. The black community says it all the time to each other.
  2. Homosexuals use “gay” as an insult on a frequent basis, and do so more than straight people. They also very rarely, if ever, show offense if straight people use “gay” as an insult.
  3. There is a Twitter account, run by a white guy, where he declared he was going to say the N word on October 4th, 2019. He received thousands, yes thousands, of messages from black people giving him permission and their blessing.

Anybody hurt by these things? No. Not one. But the political left wants the N word to forever remain a dark cloud hovering over the black community. If the left really cared about the black community, they’d want NOTHING to have that kind of power over them. It’s almost as if they don’t want blacks to heal and move on from their painful past. They demand, yes demand, that that word have power over blacks. They MUST be afraid of it! They MUST let it hurt them! I think the Twitter account I mentioned, by itself, kind of proves the black community doesn’t seem to care about the N word as much as everybody thinks, despite the left’s efforts.

I’m 1/4 black, which is enough for it to be noticeable. On a rare occasion, I’ve heard people try to use racial slurs against me, and I simply choose not to care. On the other hand, the siblings I grew up with always took offense to certain words. Words only have the power you give them.

The black community certainly has issues. It has problems it needs to fix. I don’t know the solution to all these problems, but I know for certain that the left’s manipulation doesn’t help. The left keeps demanding, yes demanding, that blacks fear certain words. They keep telling blacks that nothing is their fault and that they are perfect the way they are. This doesn’t motivate anyone within the community to do better, or to at least question what the left keeps telling them.

Keeping the N word a dirty word is oppressive. Pushing for slavery ‘reparations’ is oppressive, and immensely insulting. Telling an entire race that all of their problems are the fault of another race is extremely racist – the same kind of racism blacks were once systemically victims of. You don’t fix racism with more racism! And let’s just be honest here: Most of the leftists trying to keep the N word a dirty word, and demanding ‘reparations,’ and telling blacks to blame everything on whites … are white. You don’t fix racism with more racism, you don’t strip an offensive word of its power by demanding it remain offensive, and you don’t empower a broken community by saying they should just sit around and wait for charity (which is what reparations is).

So, honestly, I don’t blame the black community for its problems; not entirely, anyway. I blame the left. I blame the people who keep trying to treat blacks like they’re different. Don’t get me wrong: I usually blame people for how they act, because I believe everybody is responsible for their own behavior. Yes, to a degree, the black is community is responsible for how it behaves … but at the same time, there is an entire wing of our politics that won’t stop trying to hold them down. This isn’t something I perceive or from the past, it happens to this very day. The left wants blacks to be dependent on handouts. The left wants blacks to keep being afraid of words. The left wants blacks to keep being afraid of whites. Overall, the left wants blacks to remain poor, disadvantaged, uneducated, and most of all, waiting for white leftists to come and save them.

Hey, leftists, I have a better idea: Leave them the fuck alone! Treat them like people, not like sick animals that can’t survive without you. They DON’T need you! They don’t need your handouts, they don’t need your lies, they don’t need your indoctrination. Stop telling them how to think and how to feel, and let them decide these things for themselves.

You may be wondering what inspired me to write about this. It was the reactions to the recent interview Robert Downey Jr. did with Joe Rogan where they talked about RDJ’s blackface in the movie Tropic Thunder. RDJ said that 90% of his black friends found it hilarious, and Twitter exploded, saying that it’s not okay that RDJ’s black friends laughed at it. OH MY GOD did that piss me off! It was just more of the fucking left telling blacks how they need to behave and how they need to think. Just more of the “You have to be afraid of this, and offended by that” horse shit. THAT keeps the black community down. It’s psychological slavery.

The ones who kill blacks most … is other blacks. It’s not whites, it’s not police officers or white police officers. In fact, black communities would be even better off with more law enforcement in their communities, not less. But the left, which includes the Democratic party, CNN, and almost every other news outlet, desperately wants blacks to be ignorant of these facts.

Fatherlessness is also a heartbreaking epidemic in the black community. More than half of black kids are raised without their fathers. That puts more stress and government-dependency on the mothers. It makes boys grow up without a proper masculine figure teach them how to behave, and what a real man looks like, and so they grow up more impulse and reckless and violent. Not to mention, part of boys growing up not knowing how to be real men causes them to not want to be loyal to their women and kids, and THAT in turn makes women want to be remain with them even less.

Broken family units also create broken communities themselves, causing kids to be less motivated to finish school, or even take education seriously at all. Not to mention, when mothers have multiple kids with multiple men, that only SKYROCKETS the amount of conflict and strife within communities. The higher incarceration rate for blacks is because they actually commit more crimes; it’s not because of discrimination, and the reason for this is because of the things I’ve been describing. The Democratic party wants the black community to remain dependent on them for eternity. There will never come a point when the Democrats say, “Okay, we did it, everyone! Everything is now fair and just for the black community.” They will never say that because they don’t want it to happen! Spreading these lies is how they get votes and bolster their self-importance.

I guess you can’t be a hero if you have nobody to rescue.

I’m not happy with what I’ve always seen occurring with the black community. They keep being lied to, and then they believe those lies themselves and then start spreading those lies to each other. Nobody denies for one second that blacks were oppressed in America 150 years ago … or even 50 years ago, from slavery to Jim Crow and the KKK, but nobody should deny that things have substantially improved for them in recent years. Am I saying racism is dead? No. It will likely never die, toward any race including whites. There will always be people who hate for no good reason. But a lot of times, racism is based on observation. When large portions of the black community don’t take education seriously, or commits murder far higher than any other community, I think it makes sense to not like things like that.

As much as I blame leftist ideology for this situation, I have to acknowledge that people still choose their behaviors at the same time. I grew up without my mother or father, and I was in foster homes until age 10. Statistically, I was doomed to have had a disastrous adulthood. I should have been arrested at least a few times by now, and probably father 5 kids I couldn’t take care of, or want to, with 5 different women. But I made a conscious choice to do the best I could. Even after I was adopted, I still wasn’t exactly surrounded by knowledgeable or wise people. I sure wasn’t adopted by people who understood what I went through. So, the only reason I turned out relatively well, with no criminal record and no behavioral problems, is because I chose to. Human beings tend to mimic the actions of those around them. I should have turned out much worse. So, as much as I want to blame the left for the state of the black community, I have to force myself to acknowledge the black community also has to choose to do much better as well. Look at the images I posted above. Clearly, many within the community understand what’s going on and they want better for their people. Though to be honest, I’d prefer everybody care less about race in general. Stop talking about it. Well, one can’t stop talking about it, because there are millions who refuse to. But for things in the black community to improve, it’s like what Charles Barkley has said: they have to respect each other if they want respect from others. That’s true with individuals, and it’s true with demographics.