Socialism – Why It Will Never Work

The appeal of socialism is relief. Relief from debt, relief from bills, relief from poverty… But socialism doesn’t relieve anybody from those things. The opposite, actually. It buries everyone under all of those things. Socialist countries make everyone poor, everyone oppressed, and everyone burdened. For the life of me, I can’t understand how anybody – literally anybody – can think it works when it has failed a hundred times, all across the world, from drastically different cultures trying it. How ignorant it is to think, Sure, it’s never once worked in all the dozens and dozens of times it’s been tried, but THIS TIME it’ll work!

Let’s break the supposed appeal of socialism. Let’s break down how all of its advocates think it works, what they want from it, and how all those variants are monumentally absurd…

Everyone Owns and Controls Everything

What are the qualifications to be part of this universal ownership? Do children have a say? Do children get a say in the production of cars, or the design of buildings, or the laws regarding abortion?

Regardless of age, does everyone get equal say in everything, even though people disagree all the time about everything? If someone wants a road to have 10 lanes, but someone thinks a street should only have 2 lanes, how is it possible to satisfy them both? If you put it up to a vote, and everyone gets to vote, how long does it take to count so many votes about such a trivial matter? Does everyone have to be well-read on every subject? Does everyone get a vote regardless how educated they are on ALL subjects? And again, how do you satisfy 2 people who disagree? How would you satisfy 2,000 disagreeing people? 2 million?

For anything – literally anything – to get done, it would require you to let people get outvoted on a regular basis, in which case, socialism isn’t giving a large percentage of the population the things they want. And when everybody owns and controls everything, everyone – literally everyone – will be refused things they want on a regular basis.

If you have at least some common sense, and you realize not everyone can have a say about everything, then you have to outright disregard large swaths of the population before they even voice what they want … in which case, why socialism at all?

Everything is Centralized

So, the government owns and controls everything. Never mind the fact that that alone disregards the will of the people. Never mind the fact that the more a government is stretched, the less effective it is at getting tasks done. Forget those two colossal problems. The fact would still remain that if everything is centralized … THAT’S TYRANNY!

No matter how you want to spin it, this strips the people of their freedom. If you want to say, “But my socialism would have everybody working a government job,” that’s really stupid because if the government controls everything, and everybody is in the government, you have every problem I spelled out in the previous point (of everybody owning everything).

Democratic Socialism

The Bernie Sanders camp. Honestly, I don’t really know what this is even trying to mean. Putting the word ‘democratic’ in front of something doesn’t mean it makes any sense. You can tell me you want a democratic music concert, and I still won’t know what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Here’s what I assume Democratic Socialism means: An economy where everything is government-run, but the people in the government running everything are voted in and out by the people…

Basically, you get to pick and choose who has absolute authority over your life. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Democratic socialism is still socialism. It’s still putting an absurd amount of faith into human beings to not abuse their power, or to understand everything they need to know. And at the end of the day, socialism still fails to even make itself exist, because control has shifted from the people (free markets) to a small few, which means (in case you’re not keeping up here) not everything is being applied equally or fairly. Yes, citizens have MORE control and more say over their own lives when they’re permitted to … you know … have control and more say over their own lives. Funny, that!


Socialism claims to be concerned about the people, but it’s actually the most selfish system we’ve ever devised as a species. No one is allowed to be their own person, no one is allowed to reap the benefits of their labor … everything has to be done for everyone. Socialism is also incredibly stupid, because humans just don’t work that way. We are possessive creatures, and giving the government ultimate unchecked power to ‘enforce’ this is unrealistic, because all they’re going to do is use it for their own benefit. It’s no coincidence that every socialist country to ever exist has seen the people borderline starving while the government and military have plenty of food and luxury. You can never, literally never, trust government to remain good and fair when you let have ultimate control like that.

Slapping ‘democratic’ onto the label changes nothing. It’s still ultimate power given to the government, which is just either going to ignore being voted out of office, or find some excuse to change the law so that it “shouldn’t” be voted out. Every. Single. Time. I cannot stress that enough. It’s NO coincidence that Stalin, Fidel Castro, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and Mao all stayed in power until death. Anyone think Xi Jinping will step down?

It’s good that humans don’t work this way. We all, including socialists, value having ownership of our belongings and ourselves. I like being able to go home and enjoy having some space that people can’t enter unless I allow them to. I don’t want to live in a place where my home can suddenly, without warning or my consent, be where a group of travelers want to crash for the night … or forever.

Socialism strives to treat people not like people, but like machines. Machines that don’t have their own dreams, desires, or anything to hold dear. Nobody – literally nobody – wants to be forced to give up their individuality for the sake of the millions of people living in their country’s borders. If I write a book, sure I want people to enjoy it, but I still want it to be my book. In a socialist system, even if a book has my name on it, it’ll still belong to the state. I don’t want someone else to be able to continue the story in a way I don’t approve of, and I don’t want the government telling me when to write the next book or how. Publishers already sometimes do that, but at least I have the power to say “fuck it, I’m going to another publisher.” You don’t have other options with socialism, or the freedom to choose even if there were.

Not to mention, in a socialist system, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be governed by people who don’t understand everything they need to. The thing about private industry that makes it supreme is the fact someone can devote their entire life to their career and understand it far better than anyone at “the capital” could, no matter how much they’re advised on how to run it. Hell, we already have enough of a problem with ignorant government officials interfering in industries they don’t understand in our capitalist system right now. Imagine amplifying that problem hundredfold. There are many reasons socialism keeps failing, and failing, and failing. Socialism doesn’t give power to the people, it strips it away.