New Sister Site (Plus Other News)

Now, there is a whole other site/YouTube channel for all Thinking Michael centered around entertainment – Books, Films, Games, and Shows.

It is If you ever get mixed up which one has which content, just think of sequels. What has sequels? Movies and books. Well, that’s where the movie and book stuff is: The one that has the 2.

Regular is where all the philosophy, politics, religion, and the like will be found. TM2 will also have its own YouTube channel, where (announcement) I will soon be uploading a review of the masterpiece Joker.

I will also start re-uploading archived posts. I’ve been meaning to for a long time and just … haven’t gotten around to it. Archived posts will be found here on the main site, and TM2.

Give me a little time to fully implement these changes. TM2 is ready to go, but the current site will need a bit of time to adapt.

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