Memes – The Only Good Kind of Communism

I’ve sort of started getting into creating my own memes recently. I really only do it when an idea comes to mind, which is rare. The featured image of this post, for example, had me laughing uncontrollably the first time I saw it, and I’ll never be able to make one anywhere that funny. But, this all got me thinking….

Nobody ever knows who creates a certain meme. They’re just … shared. And I love that. I really love that. Some memes take a great deal of time to create, especially when they’re GIFs and/or require image alteration, and yet people still don’t care to leave their name on their creations. They make them and just let the world enjoy them.

It’s really similar to what communists believe about economies – that everybody should just create and not care to own. Economies don’t work best that way, not by a long shot, but when it comes to sharing memes, that’s the best way they work. If I had to pay for my memes, I’d never see any, nor would anyone ever bother making any.

Doesn’t it kind of teach you something about joy? About sharing joy? Happiness is something we can all have, even if it’s just for a moment, and that shouldn’t be owned (unless it’s from a comedian, who’s livelihood depends on it). Memes are a sort of, “Here, have some feel-goods for free.” Everybody who makes them, it seems that’s all they want to do. They just want to make people have a few moments of feeling good. That’s awesome.