Hollywood is a Cult

Elijah Wood once said to The Sunday Times that child actors are regularly preyed upon by vipers in Hollywood. Corey Feldman has been highly outspoken about Hollywood in this regard, once saying in an interview, “The number-one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia. You can read this article for a little more on both their experiences. You can do your own research on people like Bryan Singer, or just anybody big and powerful in the industry, to see the big picture.

What I’m writing here is a guarantee that I will likely never have a movie career, since the Hollywood cult is an oligopoly (a few companies that control the entire industry). This is part of my entire point. But I don’t care, since I never want to be affiliated with a subculture so full of monsters and hypocrites.

The MPAA, which decides what rating movies receive (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) entirely exists to stifle independent filmmakers. You can either get your movie filtered through them, or you can not have it shown in any theaters. How fair and virtuous.

Ever heard any story about actors getting cast, or producers getting their projects financed? Such stories always include people being rejected because their political views are not left-wing enough, and/or exchanging sexual favors to get a role. The latter is what’s known as Hollywood’s big “open secret.” So, not only is Hollywood full of pedophiles, not only do they reject and harass anybody who doesn’t share their cultist worldviews, but they’re also full of figures who prey on adults as well, namely young and pretty actresses. Everybody goes along with this like it’s nothing.

And these are the people who year after year, after year, after year get up on stages accepting prizes from their coworkers and then proceeding to tell the rest of the world what they need to do with their lives. These people live in a bubble, just like Silicon Valley (seriously, fuck the southern half of California in general), where they only talk to each other, and their only information comes from rumors and delusions, which they pass around like apes tossing their feces to each other. Given everything I’ve explained so far, it just makes these people even more arrogant – the things they allow, the things they do – and they still have the audacity to tell the world how it needs to think.