The 2020s Will Be Worse

I get the feeling the 2010s was the beginning … of impending disaster. Like a winding up. Like pressure building between two tectonic plates.

We saw socialism gaining popularity. We saw SJWs, and entire political parties (in the US and UK) start doing everything they can to bully people into submission and refusing to accept election results. These same types outright attack people in the streets with impunity. Does anyone assume this will improve when Donald Trump gets elected again?

And, of course, there are things like machines increasingly rising in intelligence, and the planet heating up and all the things that come with that. Every single year, starting in 1986, has been one of the top-10 hottest years on record. The 2010s was the first time we saw a hurricane that would have qualified as a Category 6. With machines … eh, we already know our devices track us at all times, record everything we do, and entire countries are now openly using these things to keep their citizens in line. I’m CERTAIN as technology improves even more, our species will only become more responsible with it. I can’t wait for big tech and the government to be able to remote-access my self-driving car. Deepfakes are already basically perfected, and their audio equivalent is just as advanced, which I’m sure will only make it easier for everyone to know what’s real and what isn’t, in the future. More than anything I can’t wait for machines themselves to be able to think independently, especially when basically all of the world’s machines are already connected to each other in some way.

The 2010s, many believe, was the best decade in human history. Everything from child mortality, to poverty, to violent crimes were at all-time lows. Depends how you see things, I suppose. This decade was also the first time in many years that life expectancy went down, and it did three years in a row. True that overall life expectancy went up this decade, but still…

So, I can’t predict the future, and I certainly don’t want things to get worse; I want my daughter to have a bright future ahead of her, for many decades to come, but I’m not too optimistic. As a species, we’re getting both more powerful (technologically), which is good in many fields like the medical field, but we’re also getting more careless.