Conservatives Are Better People

Whether you agree with, disagree with, love, hate, tolerate, or oppose conservatives (American, specifically) and their politics, I think there is something we all need to agree on: They are better at what they do. Again, regardless how you feel about conservatism and its adherents, the things they make abundantly clear that they want and are trying to do, they do better than really anyone on the left.

They like eating meat, and they eat meat well. They say they love America, and they undoubtedly love America well. I could go on and on. Whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, or beliefs, you still have to admit they do it better. Their consistency ratio between what they say and what they do is far better than any other group.

Why is that? Because they believe in boundaries. At their core, conservatism is entirely about boundaries.

Not all conservatives are traditional. Not all are religious, or condemn sex before marriage, or you-name-it. But they all believe in at least some of those things. Seemingly everyone on the left (including liberals, but certainly progressives and socialists) has a hard time putting limits on anything. I’ve said for years at this point that liberals and progressive are not the same people, and that liberals are innately opposed to socialism, even though they’re all on the left. But when you take liberalism, which in essence is “Let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody,” the fundamental difference between liberals (center-left) and conservatives (center-right) is boundaries. Conservatives are always the ones saying, “People need more boundaries than simply just not hurting each other.”

Take porn for example. Why are conservatives, particularly traditional conservatives (trad cons), against porn in some way? Because time has actually shown it causes damage in relationships. It even has a tendency to prevent relationships. It gives men unrealistic expectations in relationships. It lessens the pleasure and the richness of sex with a partner you love. It also helps prevent people from only having meaningful sex, and encourages meaningless sex. Also, you know, it’s sex, which is the leading cause of procreation.

So, does porn outright harm anyone? Do people go to the hospital after watching porn? Can you drop porn on an enemy base in warfare? (Well, you can, but it wouldn’t do anything.) So, liberals will argue that porn should be perfectly legal because it doesn’t harm anyone, while conservatives will argue it damages the fabric of society in the long-term. Are either of them wrong? Not really. It’s all a matter of perspective, as it should be in politics.

Is the symbol on the floor a 9 or is it a 6? Depends on where you’re standing. As is the way it should be with politics. Sometimes, there is no definitive correct answer, there is only perspective.

Or, take abortion for example. Conservatives say you are killing a person, while liberals (and progressives) say it’s a woman’s body and therefore her choice. Well, I think both sides are correct here, and that is why I no longer have my foot on one side or the other for this subject. Abortion is murder, but is it ever okay to tell half a population what they have to do with their bodies, or what they can’t do? If you start telling people what they can or cannot do with their bodies, male or female, isn’t that a slippery slope for authoritarianism? Our bodies and minds should be the utmost, paramount things we as individuals have a say in and no one else gets a say… But, it’s still murder.

Conservatives get it better, they are better people in general, because of the limits they put on themselves. Of course, conservatism is inherently more authoritarian than liberalism (or especially progressivism), but it’s not for no reason. Everything in the universe has limits, and more importantly, everything needs limits.

Everything is defined by its limits. Look at a glass of water. The glass has limits. It only holds so much, it’s shaped a certain way, most likely on purpose for aesthetic reasons. At any given moment you want a glass of water, do you want a small glass or a large glass? Either way, you are making your decision based on the boundaries of the glass.

Boundaries are inevitable and preferable regarding everything, literally everything. When you either don’t have limits, or you try to break down limits, you need to be very careful or you might destroy something you should have … conserved. Many conservatives see liberals as being well-meaning, and yet, as the ones who open the gates to disaster.

Though I am a liberal, I regretfully have come to realize we are the ones to blame for the rise of SJWs and socialism. We were the ones who attacked religion and big business, we promoted non-traditional relationships such as gay marriage and even promoted not bothering with marriage at all. I personally still stand by some of these … stances. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize certain things that work for me, such as atheism and not wanting to be married, work for me individually but should not be advocated for society.

What are we seeing now? We’re seeing the desired criminalization for being white and for being rich. We’re seeing an opioid epidemic, fatherless homes, increase in depression and suicide, etc., all because liberals over-promoted the message of “Live the life you want.” Liberals opened the floodgates. In our effort to keep the right-wingers from making, as we saw it, strict and stupid rules for our lives, we created voids. Relationships aren’t sacred anymore, sex is. We replaced religion with conceit. We replaced standards with debauchery. Instead of empowering women, we created female supremacists (also known as feminists). Instead of defeating racism against minorities, we allowed minorities to flip the table and are now the ones openly hating whites.

Yes, liberals did this. My people. We didn’t want this, but we caused it. Like overthrowing Saddam Hussein, we created vacuums and replaced one bad thing with an even worse thing. We’re seeing what happens when you try to overthrow so much that you think is holding you back: You see that people needed these things. People needed these boundaries. Sure, I may always find religion to be ridiculous, but the general populace needs to believe in a higher power, or they replace it with living for their own selfish desires.

Even if that hadn’t happened – even if that wasn’t inevitable – it still remains true that conservatives, because of being conservative, live better lives. They are better people. They are more consistent with what they say and claim. You may find God to be an imaginary friend, but if you’re with a girl who believes in God and believes infidelity is a great sin, you’re more likely going to feel secure with her than you would with an atheistic girl who thinks the only moral authority in her life is herself. You may find it ridiculous that conservative families require their kids to all eat meals together and to wear modest clothing at all times … but it’s still better than broken families where nobody has any standards with what they wear/say/do.

Think about it. And this applies to pretty much everything conservatives believe in.

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