Equality – Never Have, Never Will

Society always has allowed bigotry and always will. It’s only who we are permitted to antagonize that changes with the times.

I’ve been saying that for a long time now, and I will for the rest of my life. It’s true because human beings have always been conceited creatures and always will.

Sure, we can’t get everything right, but why can’t we get just certain things right? Why can’t we at least have fair laws that apply to all? Seems like extra effort making extra laws/systems that prop up one group and/or weigh another down. Why did we have to have slavery, and then Jim Crow, and now we have systemic misandry in our justice system? Why can’t we ever get this much right? Well, it goes back to the previous paragraph, but I’ll be more specific.

Think about people who identify as feminists. What do they all say? All of them… They say they stand for equality … while only focusing on women’s issues. They insist they stand for equality … while also insisting to continue being called ‘feminist.’ Even when they say anything remotely positive about men, they express wanting men to become more feminine (like: “Men need to find new ways to express themselves … through things like cuddling with each other!”). So, what do feminists really want? The infantilization and, above all, the feminization of society. Not equality. They don’t want men and women – masculinity and femininity – to be equal, they want the scale tipped completely to one side.

When do feminists oppose the bias in our courts? When do feminists complain about the under-representation of women regarding homelessness? When do feminists insist on being eligible for military drafts? Etc., etc.

My point is, whenever people say they want equality, they hardly ever really do. Because most people don’t really want fairness. They want supremacy of some variety, and it’s not always the supremacy of a group they belong to. Plenty of men are feminists, and they are still female supremacists. For feminists, the word ‘equality’ is just a shield and a lie; it’s not their true desire, at all.

When I tell people I’m a liberal (I use the word ‘liberalist’ now), I get warm reactions, but as soon as I criticize feminism, or trans activism, or acknowledge Trump isn’t that bad of a president, they’re taken aback and stunned. It’s part of the reason I treat the word ‘liberalism’ as sacred. The word’s true meaning is what I full-heartedly believe in and stand behind, but the word has become so tainted, polluted, and violated by left-wing authoritarians. Leftists hide behind words like ‘liberal’ and ‘equality’ but don’t really fight for it at all. Just like how conservatives keep saying ‘sanctity of life’ but love the military and war.

The hashtag #WomenAreTrash was recently trending on Twitter for a short time before Twitter (of course) removed it. This is what inspired me to write this post. This hashtag was originally meant for a specific instance, but it blew up, because of course it did. Whiny feminists hate it, and everyone else is either apathetic or have tried to use it to make a point.

Of the people who used this hashtag to make a point, some of those points were along the lines of: “It’s okay to hashtag #MenAreTrash, but as soon as you flip the script, it’s horrible.” Things like that. And frankly … I completely understand this. The whole #WomenAreTrash hashtag, and the feelings behind it. I get it. The older I get, the more my eyes open up to the reality of our current world.

Things are only sexist when men do it. Women deserve child custody over the father no matter the situation, AND a bunch of free money and benefits on top of that. When a woman hurts a man, it’s funny and justified, but if a man hurts a woman, it’s the worst thing imaginable. Etc., etc., etc.

Again, I understand the hashtag #WomenAreTrash. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. Kind of like how women are treated under Sharia law: I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. I know for damn sure now that some societies don’t come up with these systems for no reason. After hearing so many stories of false rape accusations, so many false stories of domestic abuse, so many stories of women committing paternity fraud, so many stories of women using their kids to get free money and housing and freeloading off their families… After so many experiences in my own life, such as the fact that the people I’ve been screwed over most by have all been women, from my mother at the beginning of my life, to my ex-wife at the present day… I understand these feelings. These feelings that are increasing, by the way.

Before long, men and their female allies are going to get so sick of what women do and what feminists try to justify … that they’re going to say “enough” and really fight back, legally and societally. I don’t want there to be a shove in the opposite direction, I really don’t, but that’s what it’s headed toward. I don’t believe in replacing one radical action with another. I believe in moderation.

When you love something, when you desire something with all your heart, you want it to be the best it can be. All my life, and even still to this very day, I’ve admired real women more than real men. On the rare (and I mean rare) occasion that I see a real woman, and I see her just living life as a real woman, I see that as more valuable than when I see it in men. That’s just me; it’s just my opinion. So, when I see women overwhelmingly being … trashy …, it kind of breaks my heart. It kind of chips away at my soul. Whether young or grown, I want girls and women to be what they ought to be. Women like Tulsi Gabbard, or like Lana (in my personal life)… I want all women to be like them. It’s just so damn rare these days.

We don’t have real women anymore, we have a society of entitled, attention-seeking girls who never really grow up, and we (men) think we’re doing everybody a favor by just letting them be this way. Pretending wives are always right and husbands are always wrong, perpetuating the stupid phrase “happy wife, happy life” (which is actually a threat), always clapping like seals whenever someone chants a pro-women statement/phrase….. What’s it all for, men? Increasing your chances of getting laid? That’s a boy’s motivation, not a man’s.

I’ve said this before in a recent post: Men were made by Mother Nature to be servants. It’s why we have hero fantasies, it’s why we want to be strong, it’s why we want to do things ourselves rather than have things be done for us.

But women, you need to be actually worthy of being served. You don’t deserve it simply by being alive. It seems in recent decades women figured out that they will be served by us no matter what they do (because who else are men going to serve?), and that’s probably a good explanation for what’s happened to our society. I refuse to accept it, though. Women are measurably becoming more depressed with each passing decade since the 1960s, and so are men, who are becoming overwhelmingly addicted to drugs and committing suicide. It starts with the family. Families aren’t whole anymore. They’re not whole anymore because we all up and decided one day that men don’t need to stick around and women should have everything they want, earned or not. So, I may be in the minority here, wanting women to actually become real women and stop behaving like entitled girls, but the facts are on my side. Standards are good for everyone, including females.

Standards would make both men and women happier, families less broken, and society as a whole more joyful and unified. Let’s go back to having standards. (Will it fix the equality problem? No, there will always be those with conceited agendas, but it would be a great start.)