Tulsi – Principles Above Tribe

Nobody on Earth believes that the Democrats are simply doing their political duty in impeaching Trump. See how Nancy Pelosi had to silence her fellow Democrats when they started to cheer that Trump had been impeached, and that she herself could barely hold back a smile while doing so? Nobody thinks any of this is being done in principle.

But leave it to the Democratic party to shoot themselves in the foot and think of it as some kind of achievement. All they’ve accomplished is justifying the Republicans in being more tribalistic. You don’t solve a problem by creating your own version of that problem. The way to fix systemic racism (Jim Crow) is not by instituting more racism (affirmative action), as one example. Democrats, if you think Trump is abusing his power, you don’t respond by abusing your own. Besides, everybody, literally everybody, knows that none of this has to do with anything Trump did wrong regarding Ukraine. The Democrats simply hate Trump’s character, plain and simple. This impeachment has completely been about the Democrats’ egos.

Then, brace for impact, Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard decides not to play this stupid game of tribalism despite her open disgust with Trump. She chooses not to play this stupid game, and backlash ensues. How dare she not follow the crowd?! Partisan leftists have called her stupid and a coward, and I say they can all go fuck themselves. When I learned that Tulsi only voted ‘present’ instead of yay or nay, I was both proud of her and not surprised. All of this has been about Trump’s character, and it became another instance of Tulsi’s character shining through.

Tulsi understands that there isn’t sufficient evidence to impeach the president. At the same time, she doesn’t like Trump and does believe he’s done his fair share of wrongdoing. That’s why she voted neutral. Did some of her tribalistic supporters walk away from her? Probably, but attention doesn’t matter to Tulsi as much as principle and precedent. It wasn’t just about refusing to be tribal, it was also about not giving Republicans an excuse in the future to behave the same way as the Democrats.Good for her. Even if she’s lost some votes, good for her. Leadership is about doing what is right and what is best. It’s not theater. She’s not giving a performance like the rest of our political clowns. She’s not trying to make idiots clap like seals and she doesn’t care if her detractors behave like angry monkeys flinging their feces. She’s a leader, not a poser. This is why I support her and am proud to do so.