Men Want to Serve

I was inspired to write this after watching a video by Steven Crowder. I’ll link to the video here. I won’t be responding to the segment, even though he says a few things I disagree with. I will simply share my thoughts on this immensely-important subject.

My primary issue with feminism, among hundreds, is that feminism is a female-supremacist movement while inexplicably pretending to stand for equality. We already have a word for fairness and equality: Humanism. It’s no coincidence that feminism is separate from humanism.

Most men have no problem with this fact: Men were designed by nature to be servants – the servants of their loved ones, namely their kids and the mother of their kids. It is not society that made us this way, it is Mother Nature herself. We are meant to be servants for the simple reason that we do not give birth. This also makes us more expendable than women, but that fact doesn’t bother us, naturally.

For 99% of human history, men were the only ones out hunting and gathering food while women stayed in the village carrying, and caring for, future generations. Someone had to protect and provide, and it couldn’t have been the women. The ones making babies can’t be out putting themselves at risk, and this remains fairly true even today. Even more to the point is the fact humans are the most helpless creatures on Earth when we are born, and we also take far too long to grow up, which means even after we are born, we need to be protected and watched over constantly, and the person doing the constant watching (mother) cannot also be out risking their lives or providing food/resources for the family.

Men exist to serve. Period.

It is the entire purpose for being male, when you think about it. Since we’re not built to produce more humans from our bellies, we evolved to do pretty much everything else. That’s why men are better at almost everything else. For tens of thousands of years, we had to be able to control our emotions, we had to be stronger physically and mentally, and most importantly, we had to be the ones willing to sacrifice our time, our health, and our lives.

If you doubt men are naturally inclined to be sacrificial, observe what the two sexes fantasize about. Women have fantasies like being swept off their feet, and their crush confessing his love for her in front of the entire world. In other words, they have conceited fantasies. Men fantasize being heroes, like Superman or Batman, so that we can be the rescuer. That is a servant’s fantasy. That’s the fantasy of someone who, at their core, wants to serve. We don’t even think of it as serving or being sacrificial, it’s just the way we are. Women are the ones who complain that a man won’t do this or that for her, while we fret and panic about not being good enough to win a girl’s heart, or being able to protect her or provide for her. Our fantasies are based in servitude, our fears are based in servitude, and our satisfaction is based in servitude.

There’s a reason men don’t end relationships nearly as often as women, even if we’re miserable in our relationship. We are far more naturally inclined to commit, regardless if it benefits us or not. It’s part of being naturally more sacrificial. This is obviously not an absolute that applies to everyone with a penis – none of what I’m saying in this post is absolute – but it all certainly applies to men as a general population.

This is also why men have a far greater innate sense of honor and duty and a moral code, while women usually don’t really have this unless it is taught to them from an early age. Women don’t admit when they’re wrong, they don’t feel remorse for their actions, and they’re always willing to take anything they can grab regardless if they earned it or not, like someone else’s money.

Women are inherently selfish creatures. They did not evolve to be servants or sacrificial, because they’re not supposed to be. Yes, women usually take their selfishness way too far, and to a lesser degree, it can be annoying and sometimes aggravating how selfish women can be, often times at the expense of the men in their lives. But, the fact remains that, if they were not selfish in general, our species would suffer and possibly die out, but I won’t explain why that is. I could say much, much more about this, but that’s for another post.

Now, just because men exist to serve, that doesn’t mean we don’t matter. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to step on us. It also doesn’t mean that all men are sacrificial, because plenty of men aren’t. In my mind, they are not real men, because being sacrificial is entirely what makes a male a man.

Most importantly, none of this means men ought to be whimpering dogs who wait on women hand and foot. Being masculine means doing everything it takes to care for loved ones. Everything. It’s about making the hard decisions, and taking risks, and doing what is necessary even if it isn’t popular. Hell, being masculine sometimes means making decisions that aren’t popular with the very person you are trying to help. For example, if a man’s girl wants to stay where they already live, but it would be far more beneficial if you moved, he moves his family anyway.

Masculinity is about duty. Masculinity makes men task-oriented. We are still plenty emotional, but it’s within our nature to be able to override our emotions for the sake of what is best.

Take a subject like politics for example. Unfortunately, politics is a necessary aspect of society. It is boring, exhausting, and frustrating, but somebody has to do it. This is why women’s suffrage during and before the 1910s was even an issue in the first place. It was not that people believed women were incapable of being involved in politics. No, it is that many people, which includes women, believed that women should not be involved in politics.

Our species depends on women making families. There is more to making children than just giving birth. If your child doesn’t grow up, or if they don’t grow up correctly, society does not benefit. They don’t benefit. Life is about more than just breathing. Everyone needs to strike that proper balance between what is good for their own happiness, and what is beneficial to the society they live in. The suffrage movement was about this fear that women would abandon their duties as mothers, and instead would focus on something as mundane and divisive as politics.

Leadership itself must be a masculine thing, because the only people fit for power are those who don’t want it and instead feel they must. Like I said, women are selfish creatures, and that is a good thing when properly used, which is for motherhood.

I believe the home belongs to the mother, and the rest of the world belongs to the father. That is a perfect balance the more you think about it. We all work to be able to go home. We toil and we sweat to be able to go home. At the end of the day, all that matters is our home. A place of peace and serenity, where the rest of the world’s nonsense can’t affect you. This is all why I’m a strong, strong believer in the nuclear family, and in the practice of women primarily staying at home. It doesn’t help the mental and emotional stability of an entire family if everybody is stressed out. When both parents work, both come home exhausted, irritated, and worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow. I could talk all day about this subject, but point is, women are built to make nests and maintain them. Men are built to do everything else. And we want to.

Everybody is different. Life isn’t black and white. Some women are a perfect fit for a certain occupation. My personal greatest role model is Margaret Thatcher, a politician. So, I’m not saying every single person on Earth should have a rigid lifestyle based on their sex, but I am saying it’s a good starting point.

Feminism has caused most girls and women everywhere, regardless if they even identify as feminist, to think they have to be strong and independent. I don’t understand this. What is the benefit for pushing this? Strength, regardless of your sex, is in those we surround ourselves with, and true independence is impossible anyway. There’s no weakness in needing others, because everyone always does. So, cut the ‘strong and independent’ nonsense, feminists. You’re poisoning the minds of females everywhere.

Now, it’s gotten so bad that girls and women think that objectifying themselves is empowering. Even worse, they think that using people, and getting ahead no matter whose expense it’s at, is somehow empowering. As if you’re not independent unless you throw people away… As if you’re not strong unless you topple everyone in your path… It’s all toxic, to one’s self and to greater society. This is particularly apparent when it comes to things like divorce and child custody. More and more households are becoming broken, and unfair alimony and child support payments only make matters worse. Society is not healthy when half the population is leeching off the other half. We think this doesn’t have any consequences?

Women, let men serve you. Don’t demonize us, don’t step on us. You’re waging a completely pointless war. Stop saying masculinity is toxic, stop ending relationships, and stop robbing children of their fathers and fathers of their children. Women, you benefit immensely from masculinity, and you only antagonize it because it doesn’t fill the literally-bottomless pit of your wishes and desires. As if it’s masculinity’s fault that life isn’t perfect. Your selfishness makes life less perfect than it already would be.

Women, don’t be offended if we try to help you cross a stream. Don’t get offended if we offer to lift something for you. Don’t get offended if we work extra long hours to earn the money you love to spend. Feminism has taught women, including most non-feminists, to think of these things as insults. NO. We want to help. We want to serve. And women certainly know they want to be served. We offer these things because we feel fulfilled in doing them.

At the same time, though, women, you need to be worth our sacrifice. You don’t deserve what any man has to offer simply because you’re breathing.

This now brings me to the subject of children. There are many reasons I believe so strongly that kids need both parents. There’s a time for boo-boos to get kissed, and there’s a time to suck it up. There’s a time to spoil your kids and shower them with love, and there’s a time to give them limits and push them to be independent. Now, I’m naturally more inclined to be affectionate toward my baby and let her do what she wants, but it would not be loving to be that way all the time, or even most of the time. Parenting is a job, and the job description reads, “Train them to be able to live without you.”

Which parent is far more likely to push independence, to build their child’s physical and emotional strength, and to set all the proper limits no matter how much their child wants everything their way?

The father.

Not to mention the fact that kids usually expect their mothers to have infinite love that can’t be lost no matter what. This is why a father’s love is more valuable – kids feel that it has to be earned. It doesn’t, but they usually have to earn their father showing his love. A father’s respect, on the other hand, actually does have to be earned. And things that have to be earned yield far greater reward. When a child, or really anyone at any age, feels like the love they have is earned, it means far more to them. Most fathers love their kids infinitely, but they don’t show it infinitely like mothers do. Again, everyone is different and I’m not speaking in absolutes here; just speaking broadly.

The way fathers are built is completely and entirely derived from masculinity. We are servants, and true servitude is doing whatever it takes to get the best result for what you love. Sometimes that means being critical, sometimes that means telling harsh truths, sometimes that means standing back and allowing someone to learn lessons the hard way. While mothers nurture, and it is good that they want to, masculinity drives men to actually try to make people stronger and smarter, because the harsh truth is: Femininity makes everybody weaker.

Yes, this causes us to appear less sympathetic, but for us, appearances don’t matter, what matters is the result. Masculinity causes us to be more tenacious and/or aggressive, it causes us to be more focused on tasks, and it causes us to take risks. All things that aren’t popular with females, but they are necessary for the safety and growth of everyone. Humanity has always benefited from masculinity, and especially women who have a husband, and children who have a father.

We are still human, though. We can get our spirit crushed, we can get tricked, we can suffer from weaknesses I have like depression and pessimism… But that masculine foundation is still there. It usually makes us stronger every time life beats us down. Usually.

Males of any age, if you want to be there for you children, you are a real man. If you stay committed to your girlfriend or wife even if you have become bored of her, or because she’s gotten old, then you are a real man. Don’t be afraid to commit to anything. Don’t let immature girls get to your head. Don’t let a girl prevent you from being a real man. There is no shame in masculinity. It can be misused, and those who misuse it are not real men. What makes a man a real man is sacrifice.

But don’t get me wrong: You must find the right people to sacrifice for.