Men Want to Serve

I was inspired to write this after watching a video by someone I’ve distasted for years and only recently have come to at least moderately respect: Steven Crowder. I’ll link to the video here. I won’t be responding to this segment, even though he says a few things I disagree with. I will simply share my thoughts on this immensely-important subject.

I apologize, this might come across as a bit rambly. I might articulate it later.

The primary reason, among hundreds of reasons, that I hate feminism is this: Feminism, by its very nature, is anti-men. You need not look any further than the name. If it was inherently focused on fairness and equality for all, well, we already have a name for that: Humanism. No need for it to have a different name, but it does, and that’s no coincidence.

I have no problem admitting this fact: Men were designed by Mother Nature to be the servants, of women, of their children, and of their community. This fact is, ultimately, what makes us more expendable. It’s not human society that made it that way, it was Mother Nature herself who made it this way. We are far more expendable for the simple reason that we don’t form babies in our bellies. For 99.99% of human history, men were the only ones out hunting and gathering food while the women stayed in the village carrying, and caring for, the next generation. Someone had to protect and provide, while someone else had to give birth. It’s always been simple logic that if you’re carrying a baby, you shouldn’t be out trying to kill lions and bears, or toiling in the soil, or building shelters, especially when you consider the fact that, when we’re born, human babies are among the most helpless infants of any species. Humans also take an absurdly-long time to grow out of our helplessness.

Men exist to serve. Period.

It really is the whole reason we exist when you think about it. Since we’re not built to do the single-most important task (giving birth), then we pretty much have to be able to do everything else. For tens of thousands of years, we had to be able to control our emotions, we had to be the stronger one, and most importantly, we had to be the ones willing to sacrifice ourselves. Women couldn’t be the sacrificial ones.

Our history as a species is also the reason women are built to be far more selfish, but that’s a subject for another time.

Now, just because we exist to serve, that doesn’t mean we don’t matter. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to step on us. Hell, it doesn’t even mean we lack some desires that would benefit ourselves alone. We’re still just as human as women are, and we still have all the things that come with being human, from the rights we deserve to the standards we need to have.

For a movement like feminism, which in the West was never a necessary movement in the first place, to endlessly, unceasingly, take shits on men and masculinity, is not only incredibly arrogant considering how helpless girls and women would be without us, but it’s also incredibly stupid, for essentially punishing a servant for serving.

Whether feminists like it or not… We do work more dangerous jobs. We do give our lives for [insert name of any cause] far more often. We do absorb more damage, emotionally and physically, so that women don’t have to.

And yes, our serving even goes all the way up to politics (or is that down?). Suffrage in the early 20th Century was not out of sexism, and even if it were, there would have been a great deal of truth to why it was sexism-based. Logically, women are more geared for local government. Since women NATURALLY and FREELY choose different careers, which are all based in social interaction and caretaking, it only makes sense that, if they want to get into politics, they should keep it at the local level. National, or international politics is not only more tedious, and more stressful, it is also the most detached from local society. National and international politics is the most detached from one’s children, their friends, their hometown… Part of the suffrage argument was, “Leave this job, which is the most detached from the things women tend to focus on, to men.”

That is servitude. Nothing but.

It’s not a favor to women (or, solely, at least), it is actually derived from wanting women to be where they are the most effective and most important.

Besides, leadership, whether in the presidency, or Congress, or judging, etc., is not glamorous. Leadership is NOT something anyone who wants it should have. That’s why politicians, of any degree, are called public servants. Nobody sits on a throne in politics saying, “Make it my way!” No, it’s a lot of arguing, compromising, boring meetings, etc. Does it need to be done? Absolutely. But politics is like war; the goal is to be able to come home. Human society needs women to be more focused on those immediately surrounding them. Everyone needs their homes to be worth coming home to. If our communities are shit, what’s the point whether taxes are high or low? If our communities are shit, what’s the point whether schools are getting more funding or less?

I’m not making a long argument for why women should not be in politics. I’m making an argument for: “Women, we all need you to be more focused on places we call home.” This is a large part of why I’ve been talking for about a year now about how too many women are abandoning their duties as mothers and caretakers for the sake of being parasites on their baby daddies, caring nothing if the family unit is taken care of or not. Women are rare these days. They were replaced by girls. Careless, reckless, entitled girls. When the family unit is in the garbage, that affects EVERYTHING, in the long run. And it has.

Feminism has caused most girls and women everywhere, regardless if they identify as feminist, to think they have to be strong and independent. Why? Seriously, why push for that? Why is it important to be strong and independent. I’m male, and I proudly, openly believe that strength is in those we surround ourselves with, and true independence is impossible anyway. There’s no weakness in needing others, because we all always do. So, cut the ‘strong and independent’ shit, feminists. You’re poisoning the minds of females everywhere. Now, it’s gotten so bad that girls and women think that using people, and caring nothing about who they take advantage of, is not a bad thing because it’s what ‘strong and independent’ people do. As if you’re not independent unless you throw people away. As if you’re not strong unless you topple everyone who’s above you in any way. It’s all toxic, to one’s self and everyone around them.

I’ll write an article in the future about the fact women are quite selfish creatures. I’m sure you can figure out just from what I’ve written so far here, but I’ll still directly explain it later. But, combine the fact women are far more selfish creatures with a poisonous ideology like feminism, and you get exactly what we’ve been seeing for years, with weaponizing child custody, and endless whining about the mythical wage gap, etc.

Women, feminists… Let men serve you. Don’t demonize us, don’t step on us. You’re waging a completely pointless war. Stop saying masculinity is toxic, stop ending relationships, and stop taking away men’s children. Seriously… Just take a chill pill and let us serve you as we are naturally inclined to do. We don’t deserve the hostility, at least in general we don’t.

Still doubting men are naturally inclined to be servants? Think about our fantasies. While women fantasize about being swept off their feet, for their crush to confess his love for you in front of the whole world, etc., etc., do you know what men fantasize about? We want to be like Superman and Batman. We want to be heroes. That’s a servant’s fantasy. That’s the fantasy of someone who wants to serve, all the way down to their core. We don’t even think of it as servitude, we don’t teach ourselves to be like this, it’s just the way we are naturally. Women are the ones who complain that a man won’t do this or that for her, while we fret and panic about not being good enough to earn the favor of the woman of our dreams. We live in fear of not earning enough money to support our family. Our fantasies are based in servitude, our fears are based in servitude, and our satisfaction is based in servitude.

There’s a reason men don’t end relationships nearly as often as women, even if we’re miserable in our relationship. We are naturally inclined to commit, regardless if it benefits us or not. Part of being naturally more sacrificial. Obviously this is not an absolute that applies to everyone born with a penis, but it most certainly applies to the general population of men.

Women, don’t get offended if we try to help you cross a stream. Don’t get offended if we offer to lift something for you. Feminism has caused women (pretty much everywhere) to think of these things as insults. NO. We want to help. We want to serve. And women certainly know they want to be served. We offer these things because we feel fulfilled doing them.

One of the things that drove me crazy – and I mean absolute BATSHIT – about my wife when I was married to her was the fact she insisted, and I mean insisted, on doing things herself. She hated asking for help, and she outright rejected help 99% of the time. Her family, whom I could talk all day about, believed I never wanted to help. (You’d think after knowing her for decades they’d know what her inclinations are, but I guess not. They somehow weren’t aware that my wife HAD to be as independent as possible in as many areas of life as possible. This is part of why it caught me completely off guard when she suddenly tried to take my money when we divorced. It was the ONE thing typical of trashy ex-wives that I thought she would never do. Oh was I wrong.)

This now brings me to the subject of children. There are many reasons I believe so strongly that kids need both parents. There’s a time for booboos to get kissed, and there’s a time to suck it up. There’s a time to spoil your kids and shower them with love, and there’s a time to give them limits and push them to be independent. Now, I’m naturally more inclined to be affectionate toward my baby and let her do what she wants, but it would not be loving to be that way all the time, or even most of the time. Parenting is a job, and the job description reads, “Train them to be able to live without you.” It’s not easy refusing to let my daughter eat more sweets. It’s not easy to listen to whining when I keep her from having something that could be dangerous.

Which parent is far more likely to push independence (a reasonable amount of it), to build their child’s physical and emotional strength, and to set all the proper limits no matter how much their child wants everything their way? The father. Not to mention the fact that kids usually expect their mothers to have infinite love that can’t be lost no matter what, which is why a father’s love is actually more valuable – kids feel that has to be earned. Respect, too. And things that have to be earned yield far greater reward. When a child, or really anyone at any age, feels like the love they have is earned, it means far more to them. Most fathers love their kids infinitely, but they certainly don’t show it infinitely like mothers do. Same effect. Again, everyone is different and I’m not speaking in absolutes here. This is how it is generally.

The way fathers are built is completely and entirely derived from masculinity. We are servants, and true servitude is doing whatever it takes to get the best result for what you love. How others perceive you doesn’t matter; all that matters to a servant is getting done what needs to be done. Yes, it causes us appear less sympathetic, it causes us to be more aggressive, it causes us to be more focused at any given time, and it even causes us to take risks. Humanity has always benefited from this, and especially women who have a husband and children who have a father.

A lot of men, myself included, don’t care who stands in our way; we press on anyway. Doesn’t mean nothing can get in our way, obviously. We can get our spirit crushed, we can get tricked, we can suffer from depression and pessimism (like I do), we can … a whole number of things. But that masculine foundation is still there. It’s a damn good thing that it’s there, too.

Males of any age, if you want to be there for your children, you are a real man. If you stay committed to your girlfriend or wife even after she cheats on you, you are a real man. Don’t be afraid to commit to anything. Don’t let immature girls get to your head. Don’t let a girl prevent you from being a man. There is no shame in masculinity. It can be misused, and those who misuse it are not real men.

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