YouTube, A Tale Told by an Idiot

YouTube has yet again rolled out some new Terms of Service that nobody likes and everybody is prepared for them to abuse.

I can solve all issues YouTube, and its content creators have with it, in just one sentence: YouTube, don’t do anything that you don’t legally have to.

YouTube, you are the second-biggest website on the entire internet. You have become so big that people searching for videos, all across the world, instinctively go to your platform. Even the people who don’t really like you go to you for most of their video content. You are one of the few businesses in all the world whose return business is not based in loyalty, but purely out of habit, and you have literally billions of them.

No matter how many SJWs nag you to silence anyone who disagrees with them, no matter how many big corporations want you to prop them up at the expense of the smaller content creator …, it won’t change anything, people will still flock to your platform in the millions. Therefore, all you need to worry about is the law. Don’t let people post illegal content, from footage of crimes, to copyrighted material. That’s it. It really is that simple.

This would make us content creators less pissed off at you, and far less regularly, and thus ensure we all want to stay.

Does Susan Wojcicki understand there are laws against harassment in the US? There are laws against threats. There are laws against theft. There are laws against graphic imagery. Basically ……. there are laws against everything you already try and fail to properly censor. I’m sure other countries have them as well. If someone is actually getting harassed, encourage them to seek legal action. If the law disregards their case, you should too, and you were already spared the trouble to begin with.

What if this post was a YouTube video instead of a WP post? Would YouTube censor it because it has the word ‘idiot’ in it? Probably. That’s the reason I put the word in the title. The internet should not be everyone’s nanny, or parents. It especially isn’t the job of corporate America to be anyone’s parent. YouTube, you are a platform. You used to behave like one, but you suddenly decided a few years ago that you also have to be arbiters for your specific, narrow-minded brand of justice. It’s not even truly a ‘you-tube’ anymore, it’s a corporate-tube. Change the name and the logo already… The platform should be for it’s actual creators, not late-night Dem-partisan “comedians,” who of course will not be censored at all in this latest change, despite the fact all they do is insult the president and pretty much everyone registered as Republican.

I’m going to be more blunt now. YouTube is very lucky the US doesn’t have an internet Bill of Rights. They are also lucky our government already ignores the laws regarding platforms. YouTube wants the best of both worlds – the advantages of being a platform and a publisher. They want to be able to censor everybody they don’t like, use their company for their partisan political activism, and also be a place where everybody can help them earn profit.

Except, last I heard, YouTube has never been profitable… The fact YouTube has always been subsidized by its parent company, Google, and yet they are still so terrified of losing money, when they always have, baffles me.

YouTube, in any regard, if you piss everyone off long enough, no matter how big a platform you are, you will be replaced.