Blessed Beyond Words

With every post, I attempt to grow in wisdom and simultaneously impart that wisdom. There are many posts I’ve written that I never posted because while I was writing them, I realized I was wrong. This post won’t be of the wisdom-imparting type, but I’m writing it because, like most things I express, I just need to get it out of my system.

I could not ask for a better child than my daughter. Still to this day, nearly 2 years after her birth, I still look at her and think, Is she real? Is she really mine?

Take it from someone who isn’t afraid to say that most babies are not cute: She is adorable. She has the cutest face, the cutest gestures, and makes the cutest sounds.

I love watching her watch things. Sometimes, she just plain stares. Now, whether this is common with kids her age, I don’t know, because I haven’t been around kids much in my life except when I was one. This partly goes back to her cuteness. When she’s figuring something out, if she’s not staring at it, she’s trying to copy it (which I know is commonplace). It’s more than cute and common, it also makes me smile because she’s patient with her learning. Generally speaking, she doesn’t get frustrated much, though it does happen.

Another thing I can’t help but love immensely is her temperament. I rarely see her get upset about pretty much anything. She almost never throws fits. I also rarely see her get bothered by pretty much anything. If I have to carry her quickly through the rain, even if it doesn’t work and we both get soaked, she doesn’t get bothered by that. I do, but she doesn’t. If I have to layer her up because we’re going to be out in the cold for a bit, she’s neither bothered wearing so many layers or being out in the cold.

Speaking more on temperament, I can’t help but compare her behavior to that of other kids her age or older. All my life, I’ve seen babies and kids throwing fits, or just hunching over psychotically screeching for absolutely no reason. And I can’t help but notice, my baby has never done that. I really can’t picture her ever doing that in the future.

Lastly, she’s very affectionate. No matter where we are (though this particularly common when we’re around a bunch of people), she will randomly walk over to me and just give me a big hug. Sometimes when giving me a random big hug, she’ll look up and say something adorable that I can’t understand.

I’m sure I could say more if I thought about it, but I think that about covers it. I’m blessed beyond words to be a father, and to be the father of such a wonderful child.