Freedom is the Key

Most societal issues can be resolved by the society itself. For the few things that society can’t, that’s what government is for. Socialism doesn’t work (for one reason) because both supply and demand can be determined by free markets, and more effectively. You don’t need government for that. Stifling free speech isn’t necessary and doesn’t work because bad ideas can be weeded out by better ideas, and better ideas will always win in the end. People do their best work when they are free to choose their work, people are the most creative when they are free to create. People are happiest when they are free. Everything is better when people are free. Government’s only duty is to prevent the people from infringing on the freedom of each other.

There seems to be a belief held by authoritarians that people won’t make the correct choices and therefore need to be told what the right choices are, and forced to make them. Basically, that is the entire justification for being an authoritarian, apart from a desire to have ultimate power. This is why I believe in the Horseshoe theory, which in essence states that the extreme left and the extreme right are pretty much inverted versions of the same thing. The history of politics, in my view, is a struggle between moderates and authoritarians, not left and right.

Whenever I talk about politics, you can summarize all the groups/individuals I criticize as authoritarians. There are many people I disagree with that I never use my platform to criticize because being wrong is not nearly as concerning as oppressive behavior and views. But, the wonderful thing about dangerous ideas is that they can be shot down by better ideas, at least in a liberal society they can. And that is why liberal societies are superior. Everything is subjected to the will of the people. When people are free, everything is better. Everything.

Socialism doesn’t lift people out of poverty, only free markets do. People don’t work as hard, or as creatively, or even as diversely, if they don’t have say over what work they do, or especially if they cannot reap any benefits from their work. The key word in ‘free markets’ is ‘free.’

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a hunter-gatherer life. Imagine having to hunt and gather for your family, but your leaders say the food you collect will be evenly divided among everyone in the tribe and you just better hope there’s enough left for you and your family… Are you going to hunt as well? Probably not. Are you going to bother at all unless you’re forced? Also probably not. If I go hunt food for my family, the priority is my family and self, period. There’s nothing evil about that. In fact, it’s the most virtuous approach.

“But what if other people need the food you gather?” Then, if you have leftovers, you can donate them. People, believe it or not, are actually quite generous when they have more than they need. Will they give away every little bit they don’t need? Probably not. They’ll probably want to save up some meat and berries, or they’ll probably want to trade some of the extra for other goods. See? Free markets would have worked even tens of thousands of years ago.

Another thing about free markets that socialists forget is the fact that everybody needs to work together for any one individual to succeed. Everyone has something different to offer. We’re all better at different things. That’s a truly great thing, because humans have countless different needs and desires. So, when you let people be free, they will naturally and inevitably work together for mutual benefit. Name any one thing people do that is both possible and better to do completely on one’s own. You can’t, because no one is built that way. Just think of how helpless we are from the moment we’re born. We’re not like horses, which can run from a predator virtually as soon as they come out of their mother. When people are free, they will do what needs to be done, and they will work with each other to do it, period.

Government should only be involved in the most minimal way possible. It’s probably a good idea for ruling bodies to prohibit murder and theft. It’s probably a good idea for ruling bodies to prohibit poison going into people’s food. Government is not your daddy, it’s the teacher standing on the playground just in case some of the kids start bickering with each other. That’s it. When it comes to society, leave that to the people. Freedom is the key.

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