Emma Watson is Self-Partnered

The latest episode of How Feminism Ruins Everything. Emma Watson came out recently calling herself ‘self-partnered.’ That is easily one of the absurd things I’ve ever heard, not to mention also incredibly sad.

Feminism is probably the worst thing to ever happen to women. Whoever came up with feminism clearly hated women, because what an ingenious trap this endless movement is. The lie on which feminism stands is the belief that women have to be empowered, and the lie feminists tell the rest of the world is that feminism only stands for equality and nothing else. The movement, by its very nature, puts women in a box, where they only focus on themselves and they fool themselves into thinking they don’t need anything but themselves. That’s not how life works, and I’d be saying the same thing if men had an equivalent movement, let alone a movement taken so excessively seriously as feminism. (If you think MRAs are equivalent to any degree, you are delusional.)

Feminism does not have a monopoly on the subject of women’s rights. Feminists don’t get to claim only they care about women’s rights and anyone who falls out of line with their world view is misogynist. That is a trap; a trap too many people joyfully leap onto. I wouldn’t mind if feminism had a monopoly on the subject of women’s rights if it got more things right than wrong. The problem is, it gets literally everything wrong.

So, Emma Watson, a very outspoken feminist, who is my generation’s equivalent of Jane Fonda, is now spreading a message of, “Don’t be ashamed to be single and childless, ladies. You don’t need a man, you don’t need kids! You are the best thing you’ll ever have!”

Men need women, and women need men, period.

I’m younger than Emma Watson, AND lean left on the political spectrum. She shouldn’t be so many leagues behind me in common sense.

To all these ‘empowered’ women who choose to be alone and think that’s somehow admirable … I have to ask: What are you going to do with your lives when you go through menopause, your skin is wrinkly with fat unevenly collected throughout your body, and you still have several decades left of life being childless and far, far less desirable? What are you going to do? Strive to have even more conversations with your cats?

Women are born rich and die poor. Men are born poor and die rich. There are biological, and simply logical, reasons that men age like wine while women age like milk.

Emma, you were hired to play Hermione because you’re gorgeous. Hermione wasn’t even supposed to be attractive, and the studio went out of their way to hire an actor who’s appealing to the eyes. Fact is, Emma, you’re only rich and famous because you were born with good looks. Good looks that will fade and are already starting to. There’s a reason women wear makeup. Women wear makeup (even when they’re dating/married to someone like me, who hates when girls wear makeup) because on a subconscious level, they know how deeply important it is for them to look good, not just to men but also to each other.

You won’t be beautiful forever, Emma. Now, even though my personal preference of age for women is 35-45, for most men their preference is actually 18, which makes sense when you think about it from the perspective of how Mother Nature made us. Science agrees that the best time for women to have kids is from 18 to 25. Women are built to be child-bearers. Men look for youth in women because of all the things that come with it, such as overall health. Men and women are programmed to make all their personal decisions based on reproducing – it’s the reason women are drawn to strength and financial stability, while men are most attracted to women with healthy bodies – and groups like feminists keep trying to fight biology.

Most importantly, children are the greatest things you could ever have. The greatest. I believed that even before I became a father, and after my daughter was born I still felt like I had just learned this. There is no greater joy than kids. Yes, they are frustrating at times, but the joy they give you far exceeds that. And they’ll be with you for the rest of your life. Even on a selfish level, people should have kids just to have someone to take care of them when they’re old and decrepit. Money buys peace of mind, not happiness. Fame cannot cure loneliness; in a lot of people it actually amplifies loneliness. Having a partner makes you happy. Having kids makes your life fulfilled. When people adopt the kind of shallow, conceited thinking Emma Watson is advocating, they inevitably realize down the road that they wasted the GREATEST opportunity of life, which is having kids and growing old with a loving partner. Emma Watson, I don’t care if you miss out and you get cursed with loneliness when your good looks fade, but do not use your fame to try to spread that garbage to young girls around the world.

So, Emma is almost 30 years old and she’s not only single and childless, but doubling down on her emptiness? It’s one thing for that to happen by accident, but something entirely different when it’s intentional. What kind of narcissism is this where being alone is somehow viewed as ‘empowerment’? What absurdity. Human beings need each other for everything, from survival, to purpose, to happiness. Even if you’re a sociopath, you still need other people to get through life. Then comes along Emma who believes, and actively encourages, other women to not contribute and only think about themselves. Disgusting.

Lastly, encouraging women not to have children and not be with a man is just plain insulting to past generations which made everything that Emma (and feminists in general) take for granted. It’s also irresponsible and arrogant. Our species would still be living in the mud and in caves if it weren’t for all the hard work and UNITY of past generations. Of all the women who went through the agony of childbirth and all the parents who sweat and bled to make sure their kids had a better world to look forward to. Now, here come feminists these days who say, “We don’t need to do any hard work! We don’t need to be unified with men! We can do anything and everything all by ourselves!” Feminists are so full of themselves they think they don’t need to do their part to keep our species alive. Like being glorified parasites.

You say you are “self-partnered,” Emma? Are you fucking serious? No, you are alone, and one day you’re going to realize that’ll bring you misery. When you are old, and possibly even middle-aged, and look back at your life, you will ask yourself, “Why did I buy into all that feminist bullshit?”

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  1. She said ‘she’s self-partnered to shout those damn people for being so curious why she’s still single at early 30 not because she’s feminist. It’s about choice to be single, married or not. The stereotype of society that sees bad and sad women who are not married or single at the age of 30 is the problem. You have to listen her speech for being feminist at UN https://youtu.be/gkjW9PZBRfk before come to judge her.

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