True Power

Strength and power are things that everyone needs to understand, from world leaders to children.

Part of the problem with fatherless homes is the fact that children – both boys and girls – raised by single mothers rarely gain any wisdom regarding strength. Kids learn strength – physical and emotional strength – from their fathers. Kids can have strong mothers, and it’s good if they do, but it’s nowhere near the same effect as from fathers. When people, young and grown, look at their strong mothers, do they see strength or do they see someone drained from trying too hard? Let’s be honest here.

Mother Nature did not design women to be dominant, and it really baffles me why modern women try to be, or even want to be. Seriously, why? What’s wrong with not being dominant? Mothers do not naturally emulate strength and power; they’re not supposed to. And when they try to, they try far too hard, and everybody can see that even if nobody openly says it. I’ve seen mothers try their damnedest to keep their kids under control, and I’ve never seen it work (not saying it never does, just that I’ve never seen it in all my life). These mothers resort to shouting at their kids, using excessive physical force, and threatening, and still their kids don’t really listen to them. Not once have I ever seen a father struggle that much to keep his kids under control. Mothers do not naturally have a powerful presence the way fathers do, the same way fathers do not naturally have a soothing presence the way mothers do. It’s a lot of hard work for each to have those. The more our society tries to fight nature, all for the sake of ‘wokeness’ and political correctness, the more damage we do to future generations and the current one.

Children need both parents, period. But I focus on fathers here because current society keeps trying to shove fathers aside, which is tremendously foolish, as it would be the other way around.

I’ll be focusing mostly on physical strength here, but not completely.

One of the most important truths about strength is that…. Actually, I’m going to stop using the word ‘strength’ and instead use the word ‘power.’ Okay… One of the most important truths about power is that the greatest power is the power that is never used. Simply possessing tremendous potential is the number-one way to never need it. This lesson is most important for young boys, because males are naturally more physical beings, and that can be incorrectly channeled far too easily. Boys raised by single mothers overwhelmingly are more prone to getting into fights, committing crimes, and getting thrown into prison at some point in life. Not to mention, most single mothers raise their sons and daughters to either hate their father or hate men in general. Why do children raised by single mothers frequently suffer these fates later in life? Because without having a dominant, powerful presence during their childhood, they don’t understand power, in any of its many forms. Strength is very important to men; it’s in our DNA, and you can’t change that even with all the woke indoctrination in the world. Boys without the right guidance think, “If I beat up this other guy, that’ll prove I’m strong!” That, or things like it. It’s not just in regards to physical force, it’s also with things such as simple dares. Boys also need a father to know that jumping off a roof does not make them tough. If mommy says not to jump off a high place, boys don’t respect that because they see their mommy as someone who isn’t tough, who can’t take risks, and is scared of everything, no matter how desperately hard mommy tries to look tough to him.

But having a father around gives children (not only boys) a constant example of what power is. When they see their father, who has the power to truly intimidate, or dominate, or inflict pain if he wanted to, and yet he chooses not to (if he’s a proper father), then kids see self-control as a sign of power as well. This applies to girls too, so don’t think it doesn’t, because girls raised in fatherless homes also are far more likely to end up in prison. Boys and girls both need to grow up learning that some level of sensitivity is part of the ‘formula’ for great power. If kids see their father treating their mother as an equal, or see him giving to charity, or even shedding a tear from time to time, then kids will associate those things with strength as well. It is not weakness to sometimes be generous, or sensitive, or patient, or to admit fault. Kids need to see that from daddy.

Boys, without the right guidance, grow up thinking that power means the ability to hurt people. In a physical sense, they ought to learn that is only half the equation. Power is the ability to hurt people, but only doing so when it is absolutely necessary, such as defending someone, or quelling life-threatening situations before they happen. In fact, when people know a person – male or female – can inflict them tremendous harm if they wanted to, that alone is usually enough to make violence never occur. The best way to extinguish a fire is to prevent the spark.

It’s good to be physically strong, or at least capable. That way, you’re far less likely to be pushed around or taken advantage of. Am I going to teach my daughter self-defense for the majority of her upbringing? You can bet on it. Think of bees. Sure they’re small, but nobody messes with them because they know what they can do. That’s the point.

Think of this on an international scale. Take nuclear weapons for example. For 74 years, nuclear bombs have existed, but they haven’t been used in warfare for 99.91% of that time, despite so many nations now possessing them. Why? Mutually-assured destruction. Every nuclear power understands that if they use their nuclear weapons, they will be responded to in kind. Every nation understands that there’s pretty much no reason to risk their homeland being utterly destroyed, and thus nukes haven’t been used in a lifetime. Even better is the fact that humanity hasn’t had a third World War, and I completely attribute this fact to the existence of nuclear weapons. Now that we have the capability of annihilating ourselves, we keep the fighting to a minimum. We still find reasons to do it, but no nation gives it their all.

Point is, nations like America possess tremendous power, and that is enough. That should be enough. It doesn’t stop everything, but it does keep things from getting completely out of hand, such as global war, which happened twice less than 22 years apart.

The greatest physical power is the power that makes itself unnecessary. The power to diffuse without doing anything. The power of controlling yourself, and to keep tensions with others low enough. Power is not ‘flexing,’ as they call it. Power is not, “Hey, look what I can do!” One of the ways fathers are absolutely crucial to the upbringing of girls is deflecting risk of predators targeting their daughter. It’s just a fact that most predators are men (not all, but most), and for women this day and age to think that they can fend of any guy who threatens them or their children with all of her woke girl-power (despite women being shorter, having poorer hand-eye coordination, having less bone density, less pain tolerance, less physical endurance, and less muscle mass than men) is more than absurd, it’s dangerous. You don’t empower anybody by giving them delusions of grandeur.

Strength and power can really be applied to almost anything in life. The ability to keep trying even when all seems hopeless, the ability to sacrifice for the greater good, the ability to be honest with friends… These things are undoubtedly only possible with strength. Weakness is giving up easily, weakness is caring only about yourself, and weakness is avoiding honesty with your loved ones for the sake of the short-term.

I keep using the word ‘power,’ even in the previous paragraph, because power shows even when it’s not being used. Actually, you could say strong people are always showing their power, just by doing what they do. It can radiate. People can see you as someone who never gives up, even if you don’t constantly remind yourself not to give up. That’s radiating power. It makes people want that for themselves, which is good.

The greatest power, overall, is the power that you radiate and makes others strong simply by being around you. Even our immune systems work this way. Make others never want to give up, make others want to be patient, make others want to have self-control… Sometimes people are so insecure and emotionally fragile that they just don’t get it, and instead become jealous and spiteful of your power, instead of trying to make themselves the same. Those people have a long, long way to grow. Emotionally infants.

Strength and power are things that everyone needs to understand, from world leaders to children.