What Will Happen Next

Changes coming to this site:

1. Most posts will strictly be found on YouTube, as audio-only videos.

I will still write articles and publish them here on ThinkingMichael.com, but articles will strictly be thoroughly-researched and lengthy. Nothing short, nothing purely opinion on this site any longer. Videos on YouTube will primarily be opinion, but not entirely. As support through Patreon increases, videos will increase in quality as well.


2. ThinkingMichael.com will be for announcements, research publications, and my online shop.

Research publications will be much more polished than past articles on this site. They will also be longer.

My online shop, for the time being, will only feature digital art and podcast downloads. Down the road, it will feature a wider variety of products, including but certainly not limited to photography and my own books.


3. ThinkingMichael.com will be home to my books in general.

This includes the Remnant wiki (currently under construction), and the wikis of future stories.

Everyone who visits the site will be able to read one or two chapters of my upcoming books early, but monthly supporters will be able to read 1/4 up to half of my upcoming books early.

The site will feature official artwork and fan art.

4. Classic, unpolished opinion pieces will be for supporters only, and will be found here.

In the Supporters Section, you will see posts as you have been used to seeing them, but they will only be available to supporters (obviously).