Quitting This Blog

It’s been a nice 3-year run, but…

Soon, I won’t be blogging here any longer. In fact, I may not be blogging at all anymore, at least with writing. I first starting blogging when I was maybe 14 years old, so about half my lifetime, and until 2016 it was entirely through blogger.com. Well, I won’t be blogging through Blogger, or WordPress, or anywhere else soon.

The reason: It feels lazy. Also, I want my words to start actually being for an audience, rather than just be a platform for me to get my thoughts out. I want to start interacting with other online personalities, I want to entertain people (yes, I just said that), and I want to perhaps make a difference from someone somewhere.

I’m going to be switching to videos soon, and only videos. Writing will be reserved to the difficult kind of writing, which is composing novels. I’ve done nothing but voice my thoughts for long enough; my words need to start being more influential, or at the very least I just don’t want to feel lazy about it. Any post can take all but 5 minutes to write. Plus, nobody reads anymore. People pay more attention to videos, because, you know, pretty colors and stuff.

So, ThinkingMichael.com isn’t going away, not by a long shot, it just won’t be in this format anymore. I’ll write a few more posts, maybe finish my series on liberalism, then, no more. My final post on this blog will explain everything I’ll be doing from now on and where to find it.