Age of Ultron Should Have Been the Endgame

Avengers: Age of Ultron was a waste of a movie when it could have been, SHOULD have been, the story arc to close the MCU.

Tony Stark is the main character of the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. described himself and his character as ‘Atlas,’ the one holding up the entire franchise. The Infinity Stones should have been the second Avengers movie, while Ultron should have been 3 and 4. What better way to close the franchise than with the main character of the MCU facing off against his own creation? Better yet, the Ultron arc could have been closely related to the real life threat of artificial intelligence.

Parallels abound. The greatest threat the heroes have to defeat, is themselves. Civil War would only have been a taste of this.

Ultron can multiply almost infinitely. He doesn’t need a physical body to survive; he can just live in computers. Not only that but … HE’S A SENTIENT COMPUTER! He can learn things much faster than any organic being. He can advance his own technology, essentially becoming more and more powerful just with time alone. He can problem-solve thousands of times faster than any character. All his measurements and gauges are precise. He can even predict the future, like AI is already used for today, in real life. Ultron could easily, easily, easily have been a greater threat than Thanos, and his character would have been intimately tied to the main character of the MCU itself.

Ultron could have been a threat that can do almost anything, and be everywhere at once. Omnipotence and omniscience.

Ultron could have taken over all of Stark’s tech, and all the tech of the world’s corporations and governments. The Avengers would first have to destroy all computers worldwide, in maybe some kind of global EMP, and then the world would have to ally with the Avengers to fight what’s left of Ultron using primitive technology.

Yes, it would be a post-apocalyptic story arc.

Talk about the “Age” of Ultron, this story would actually have set humanity back by a century or two. This conflict easily would have needed 2 movies to resolve. Worldwide destruction, worldwide death, an enemy our heroes truly feel they can’t defeat… Not to mention, the world would probably turn against Tony and the rest of the Avengers for creating this disaster in the first place. THANOS should have been the big bad guy that drove Tony to create Ultron in the first place. God, Disney got this so backwards.

Even I don’t know how that conflict would get resolved. I certainly wouldn’t have it be resolved by using the Vision character just putting his hands around Ultron and somehow that expels him from the entire internet… That was so stupid.

Seriously, imagine how crazy things could get. Ultron could start creating other beings, like machines that easily look like, and behave like humans, or even animals. Ultron could have created life forms using his omniscience, with either organic material, or mechanical material, or both. He truly could have created a whole new world, like he wanted in the real movie, without stupidly wasting his potential on a stupid, stupid meteor.

The potential would have been so much greater than anything Thanos could have done. Seriously, every time I watch Infinity War, I think of so many ways the heroes could have defeated him. Like, Doctor Strange could have just used his wormhole powers to sever Thanos’ arm, then bam, movie’s over. Thor could have severed Thanos’ arm using Stormbreaker. Or Iron Man could have used that red beam that can cut through any material to cut Thanos in half. Cripple his Gauntlet hand (like he actually did in the movie), then cut him in half. Easy. Why didn’t he use that beam on Thanos?

Seriously, again, why the hell did they make Thanos the big bad guy that all these movies were leading up to? A little logic could have easily defeated him. Not Ultron, though. Ultron would have been damn near impossible to defeat. He keeps coming back no matter how many times you kill him, and he’s everywhere, and he knows everything…

Ultron only lasted for 1 movie because of shitty writing.


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