I Offer HBO My Book Series

Don’t fret, HBO, once Game of Thrones is finished, there’s another series ripe for adaptation that would be perfect for your network: My own novel series, Remnant.

Granted, I’ve always thought it would be best for each of the novels to be films, rather than seasons in a show, but hey, I’d gladly make an exception for you, HBO. I’m never going to let Disney get their hands on any of my works, so what are you waiting for?

You may be thinking, Sorry, Michael, but your books aren’t popular enough to invest in. To that, I’ll have you know that comics used to have the same problem, and still do in a way. The whole reason Marvel sold the rights to Spider-Man (to Sony) and X-Men (to Fox) was because Marvel was on the verge of bankruptcy. Sometimes, the problem is not the content, but the medium. Comics needed to move to the big screen. Now, most of the highest-grossing films of all time are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Aquaman just grossed a billion dollars. Frickin’ AQUAMAN, people.

Also I don’t think the Remnant series would be all that expensive to produce. It’s not medieval, or fantasy, or sci-fi. It has a female lead, is character-driven, complex, and dystopian. The novels aren’t finished being written yet, but I’ll gladly tell you the ending to it all if you take up this offer. Of course I would; we wouldn’t have much of a deal if I didn’t.

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