America Got Lucky

Not everything can be attributed to actions. Sometimes, luck is involved.

Leftists want America torn down brick-by-brick and rebuilt in their communist image. A country that has no borders, where nobody is wealthy, women control everything (yet there’s no difference between men and women at all), everyone is Muslim, nothing emits CO2 (even cows), everyone is black, and nobody can say anything at all because someone could always be offended. It makes perfect sense!

Now, over on the side of reality, liberals and conservatives understand and agree that America is the greatest nation to ever exist up to this point in history. Of course, conservatives will believe that no matter what, because that’s what they do, but liberals believe it because it’s actually true (while simultaneously not being afraid to point out the flaws America still has). America is, for the most part, a liberal utopia. We can all do what we want (so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody), and say what we want, though there’s still some work to be done about corporations in Silicon Valley infringing on free speech.

How did America become great in the first place? I agree with conservative Ben Shapiro, who says it’s all thanks to Judeo-Christian values coupled with Athenian philosophy. The right to say whatever we want, and the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from each other and to possibly prevent the government from becoming tyrannical, are what make this country great. Liberals own the First Amendment, while conservatives own the Second.

Now that’s proper balance.

However, there’s just a few things that helped America get to where it is now. Things most people, on both sides, overlook.

First: America’s location.

This country is not located in the Middle East, or Siberia, or Africa (where humans originated from). Nope, we are located across the ocean. The two largest oceans, to be exact. A couple hundred years ago, these oceans were possible to cross, obviously, but they weren’t easy to cross. It took months, and required a whole lot of prep to make the voyage. By the time you landed here, you weren’t ready to go sightseeing, you were more likely in need of a really long nap, or a hospital trip. Oh yeah, that’s if you survived the voyage at all. Yes, America had to fight England for independence, but when you think about it, one of the largest contributors to our victory (if not the largest) was the fact that England had to sacrifice a tremendous amount of time and resources just to send reinforcements here to suppress us. And that was just to get reinforcements here at all.

Also, don’t forget the fact that we are sandwiched between two countries that were never too hostile towards us. That, of course, being Canada and Mexico. Again, we are not located in the Middle East. We have never had to share borders with nations of vastly different beliefs, whether religious or cultural. Different sects of Christianity get along with each other far better than completely different religions.

In summation… America is bordered by two vast oceans and two friendly-enough nations.

Second: Athens and Jerusalem.

Yes, I’ve already mentioned that we’ve had the benefit of being founded on Judeo-Christian values and Athenian philosophy, but there’s more to this still. We got extremely lucky that the contributions of Jerusalem and Athens were available beforehand, and came together in a single society (Britain), and that society was the first to settle this land. (Yes natives were here first, and I certainly don’t condone invasions, but name me one place on Earth that is currently occupied by its original people. Even Native Americans took over each other’s territories. It’s a human thing, not a ‘white people’ thing.)

The original settlers did not belong to a different set of values, like the Hindus, or Buddhists, or Muslims, or the Nordish, or even the Catholic Church for that matter. Yeah, we really lucked out there.

To put even more emphasis on this, think of everything Jews, Christians, and Greeks had to go through, for many centuries, to acquire the wisdom and beliefs and culture they had first. Think of all they had to go through first, then consider how lucky it was those things came together anywhere on Earth. And it all came together just in time to be brought over to America before anybody else settled this place. Seriously, I consider this winning the history lottery.

Third: Our resources.

America is rich in resources. We have some of the most fertile lands on the planet. I don’t know for sure how rich we are in certain metals, but I’m sure we have a lot of those as well. We also have a lot of land, period. We have tons of space to spread out. Abundant resources, abundant room… And again, I’ll mention the fact that we have relatively peaceful borders which includes 2 enormous oceans.

This land isn’t Siberia, which is a lot more spacious but also a lot less habitable. This land isn’t the Sahara, which is the same situation except on the opposite end of the temperature scale. We have all this land and only very little of it is hostile to human life. Not too hot, not too cold, animals everywhere, trees everywhere…

Fourth: The states.

This final point has more to do with our choices as a people and less to do with sheer luck, although luck still has a part in it. I know most countries have provinces, but provinces mostly function as mini-headquarters for the central government scattered across the land. What makes states superior to provinces is the fact that states only answer to themselves, and the Federal government only intervenes when it feels the need to. We are a people who make our own rules but we are still united as a collective. Independent, but together.

This was absolutely essential for our society to be free. Anyone who lives here can tell you beyond a doubt that Alabama has a much different culture than California. Arizona is radically different than Alaska. Nebraska is radically different from Florida. It’s good that our country is broken up into different states because with all this land, where we have every type of climate and every type of geography, we were inevitably going to have different needs depending on where we lived. How much fishing do they do in Oklahoma, and how much farming do they do in New Jersey? See, not everyone in the same country will grow up or have careers in the exact same environments… Yet we are still the same people. We put so much emphasis on how we are so different yet still united that we put it in our official name: The United States.

This is why I say, throughout my blog, or at least I imply, that America is a liberal utopia. Liberals love differences. Rigidity and homogeny get boring, and more importantly, can be dangerous. From different races, to different lifestyles, to different food for crying out loud, and yet to still be a single people… It’s glorious.

There’s always work to be done, but it’s still the best place to live on planet Earth.


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