My Challenge to Ben Shapiro

I like Ben Shapiro. I really do. But, I have just one problem with him.

It’s his prerogative to have started a network that is strictly right-wing conservative. He (and Jeremy Boreing) only hired conservatives to be hosts on their network, and they are free to do so. There is nothing morally wrong with this. I have a problem with this, though, because the message of their shows and podcasts seems to be to spread certain values. Freedom and tolerance seem to be the most important values. (Shapiro and his colleagues are religious but they don’t use their shows to convert people; conversion is just a byproduct they hope for.)

So, I ask Ben Shapiro… Why not have a liberal host or two? Is it because you think all liberals are anti-Christian? Not all of us are. Is it because labels matter most? I don’t think that could be the reason. Is it because you don’t agree with liberals on everything? Well, in that case you may as well fire your other DW hosts because they’re all Christians, and because Michael Knowles has never read the Lord of the Rings books.

Ben, you go out of your way to distinguish between leftists and liberals. You make sure to remind your audience of this on occasion. Your tumblers specifically say “Leftist Tears,” not “Liberal Tears.” You openly state you understand that liberals and conservatives have identical goals and desires for the country, a fact even Dennis Prager openly admits. So, again I ask, what is holding you back from bringing on a liberal host to The Daily Wire?

This question is important, at least to me, because it makes me wonder what your true motivations are. Do I actively believe you are ill-intended? No. However, doing everything from a strictly conservative angle seems rather disingenuous. Is it about principles and virtues, or is it actually about conversion to religion and/or conservatism specifically?

Not to mention, hiring a liberal host or two would have highly positive effects. I’ll describe two:

1), liberals everywhere will be more inclined to start listening/watching Daily Wire shows.

2), most importantly, it will display without any doubt, to everyone, even those who despise conservatism, that you are inclusive. It will prove that The Daily Wire truly is trying to make a difference in the world instead of solely just trying to make profit by pandering to one specific political group. It will prove DW embraces diversity of thought, unlike the modern Left.

So, are liberals allies or enemies? If liberals are your enemy as well, then you may as well change the inscription on your tumblers.

(Not to mention, this would make Backstage twice as interesting. Michael Knowles would no longer be the runt of the litter.)


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