Disaster Approaching: Is Liberalism Dead?

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.

This is a post long in the works. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the state of the West, and I honestly don’t think we’re headed in a sustainable direction. I am convinced that in less than 20 years, some kind of disaster is going to befall us. It could be a second Civil War, it could be a third World War, it could be the rise of AI, it could be global warming (causing droughts, heat waves and even extreme cold), it could be a natural disaster (asteroids, earthquakes, and volcanoes and supervolcanoes are hard to predict). I’ve talked before about the rise of AI, and I am no less convinced of its threat than I was back then, but it would be naïve of me to think AI is the only threat on the horizon.

I don’t know what’s coming. I don’t claim to be a prophet. The next 50-100 years could be wonderful. I don’t know. All I know is that I can’t shake the feeling something is drawing close, and that I’ve never wanted to be wrong so much in all my life.

The North won the Civil War because its liberal principles made it more sustainable and prosperous than the South. It’s the same reason the Allies won WWII. Capitalism is more powerful than Communism any day of the week, because it creates wealth for everyone, and it also creates loyal soldiers, instead of soldiers who are simply ordered to fight a dictator’s war. America has always been a beacon for the world, and it has always been the strongest force the world has ever known, because of its liberal principles. Freedom, free markets, taking care of our neighbors… Nothing is more moral, nothing creates a stronger people.

But our prosperity seems to be leading to our downfall. Disease, poverty, distant travel… These things are not problems like they used to be. Technology has given us convenience that just 100 years ago was unimaginable. We actually have the ability to see what our loved ones, who live across the country or the world, are doing at any given time through social media. Struggle itself is on its deathbed.

While these things are wonderful, they have undoubtedly made us soft. But even worse is the fact that since we hardly struggle anymore, we are also losing a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. As much as we hate to struggle, it is something we need. It gives us contrast with the good. We can’t see the good when all we have is good. When we don’t struggle, we create enemies and we create hardships that don’t really exist. We fabricate struggle. This is exactly why the Left has gone insane.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, and even poverty are all things that don’t really exist anymore in the West. And yet, we are talking about them now more than ever. Why? Because people need these struggles to exist. They need something to fight for, or else, what else do they have to feel their lives have had purpose? Human beings need things to fix. We need dreams; something to aspire to; goals that need to be achieved. But when we are born already in the dream, already with those goals achieved, thanks only to heroes of the past and not to our individual efforts … the question is: now what? When there’s nothing left to fix, we find things to destroy, just so that we can go in later to fix them. That is what’s happening with the Left.

Actually, it’s happening with everybody, even if they don’t belong to the Left. Everybody is getting offended on behalf of someone else, just to feel like heroes. Everybody is seeking out minorities to give special privileges, just to feel like they’ve helped someone who is oppressed, even though they aren’t.

Look at Europe. From open borders, to grooming gangs, to acid attacks, to riots, to the widespread destruction of historical monuments, to regular old terrorist attacks… Europe is falling. It won’t be recognizable in just 20 years and that’s for damn sure. If America falls, the West itself is in deep trouble.

Liberalism won. There’s nothing it needs to fix anymore. Gay marriage is legal everywhere, and 99% of people are perfectly okay with homosexuality now. Slavery is gone, Jim Crow is gone, women can vote, women can have any career they want, people can belong to any religion they want or no religion at all, etc., etc.

So, since liberalism won, does that mean its dead? Not exactly. There’s always something that needs fixing. Right now, what needs fixing is feminism’s grip on society, telling everyone that it’s okay to despise and/or persecute men. We also need to neutralize the hatred against whites and the rich. Liberalism still has work to do in making sure everybody is treated fairly; it just now has to defend groups it never had to defend before, like men and whites and the rich. But, for the most part, yes, I have to admit liberalism is dead. Liberals won. We won. Now, we have to … conserve … the victories we achieved.

Yes, basically what I’m saying is that liberals are now a type of conservative. We are the new conservatives. Even on Wikipedia, it identifies ‘classical liberalism’ under the umbrella of conservatism. I’ll go a step further and say liberalism itself is now a conservative movement. We’re not strictly right-wing, but we nonetheless have a new job now of preserving all that we’ve achieved. The Left wants to destroy liberalism’s achievements by putting different groups into old situations. Women-only this, and blacks-only that. We should be past all this shit by now. The modern Left doesn’t want to give up the fight. The war is over, but the bloodthirst remains. Liberals understand that when the war is over, it’s time to go home and live in peace. But the Left doesn’t want the fighting to stop. Tensions and divides in the West, and especially America, are greater than they’ve been since the Civil War. People are willing to be violent, increasingly. Is another Civil War on its way? Most likely.

This raises a very serious question: Should liberals have ever won? Because now, everybody’s getting soft, everybody is getting measurably stupider, everybody is getting a bloated sense of entitlement when they already have plenty, and we’re losing our sense of purpose and meaning. Was it ever a good idea for liberals to fight for centuries to defeat the struggle? The Left, in its current state, has been proving to us that even when things are great, that in itself drives people to create chaos and strife.

Remember earlier when I mentioned how the North won the Civil War, and how America won both World Wars? These are great truths, but now the West is at risk of collapsing altogether because of its greatness. We can become independent from England, we can defeat slavery, and we can defeat Communism, but can we survive our own greatness? It’s made us soft, it’s made us stupid, it’s made us entitled to more than we need, and most importantly, it’s made us forget how bad things truly can be. Nazi Germany ended 74 years ago, and memories of that time are virtually gone now.

Can we survive implosion?

“An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within … that’s dead, forever.”

Nature always balances itself eventually. Right now, the scale is tipped overwhelmingly on one side – the side of liberal values. I’m not saying these values are bad; on the contrary, I still very much believe these values are the greatest. But, the scale has undoubtedly tipped in our favor. Something is on its way to restore balance. Things have become too great. We defeated struggle, and now, struggle is preparing to return with a vengeance.

We need to preserve – to conserve – the achievements of the past. We cannot return to a time of discrimination against any people, or oppression of any people, or outright war. If America falls, the whole world is in trouble. Europe is already almost gone… America is at risk of implosion. Maybe disaster is inevitable? Our spoiled younger generations don’t understand real struggle. If they did, they wouldn’t riot in the streets attacking fake enemies. If they understood real struggle, they too would try to conserve the prosperity we all have.

Human beings… We just can’t ever win. Nothing is ever good enough, even when it’s good enough. Mother Nature is forever cruel.


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