My Reaction to the Star Wars Episode IX Trailer

Did this trailer get me excited?

After years of disappointing movies, after years of Disney shoving diversity down our throats, after the catastrophe that was The Last Jedi, after having endless references and ripoffs instead of original storylines, after years of Lucasfilm blatantly disrespecting fans… Did I get excited after watching this trailer??

No. Not at all. Not at all.

Rey is still a Mary Sue. They still haven’t learned that lesson. Luke says nobody is ever really gone. That was stupid, and also removes all stakes and tension from these movies since death isn’t even a thing anymore. Luke also said that Rey has been taught everything the Jedi could have taught her. That was incredibly retarded. Even though both Death Stars were incinerated, a large portion of one apparently drifted through space and crashed on some planet. Outright retcon there. And of course, Palpatine is back, because Disney hasn’t spat on the OT enough. Like I said, death isn’t a thing in Star Wars anymore. Even Palpatine’s death, and Anakin’s redemption were an apparent waste of time, too. Yep, no need to watch the OT ever again, because it was all completely meaningless. And don’t even get me started on that joke of a title (which officially dethrones Attack of the Clones as the stupidest title for a Star Wars movie).

Disney keeps taking giant dumps on the legacy of Star Wars – the legacy they so desperately want to capitalize on – and the fans are still going to flock in the millions to pay them to do it.


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