2019: The Year Everything Died

The final season of Game of Thrones, the ‘final’ Avengers movie, the final Star Wars episode in the Skywalker continuity….  Pokemon has become stale, Star Trek has become stale, Hugh Jackman won’t be Wolverine again, Harry Potter ended a decade ago, Pirates of the Caribbean ended over a decade ago, Lord of the Rings ended nearly two decades ago… I could go on.

I’m not just talking about beloved franchises here. I’m talking about things in society itself we can look forward to in general. Franchises are usually something we look forward to, but there aren’t any franchises left to fall in love with. They’ve all been exhausted, or will be after this year. Society in general has far too much now. We can get any item we want in the mail in just a couple days, we can talk to a device that operates our entire house for us, our internet is lightning-fast now, everything we watch on a screen is in ultra-high clarity now…

Seriously, what do we have to look forward to, now? Self-driving cars? Commercial trips into space or other planets?

Self-driving cars will only make us lazier. That is literally the only joy they will bring, and even still, they are at least 10 years away from being mainstream. As for commercial spaceflight, that will probably never happen at all, given the TREMENDOUS amount of energy it takes simply to leave the atmosphere, and how incredibly hostile an environment space is, and also the fact space is unimaginably enormous where even lightspeed – the fastest speed we could ever possibly travel – is too slow. We can fly across the world in a day, but we’ll literally never be able to travel to another solar system in less than a lifetime.

Highspeed transfer of information has only made us more miserable. Knowing exactly what our friends are doing as soon as it happens, through social media, has only made us more stressed and more depressed. Even if that weren’t the case, we’ll never know the thrill of having social media be new again – we’re beyond used to it by now.

We’ve run out of things to look forward to, and thanks to tech advances, we can live entirely online. What’s next? Seriously? Physically living in the internet? Sounds like something we’ll try to achieve simply because there’s nothing else to do. I can’t wait until I literally live in YouTube and watch videos in 360 VR for thousands of years! Just kidding, that sounds boring as shit.

We were better off when we hadn’t reached peak-level technology, and when we actually had some struggle in our collective lives, and when we still had great ideas for entertainment franchises. Having things to look forward to is part of the thrill of life. Being able to do anything at any time has sucked the enjoyment out of life. Now we have to force it. We have to force mystery, we have to force struggle, we have to force new adventures. These things used to find us, no problem.


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