The Word “Leftist” and Why We Should Use It

Normally, the words ‘leftist’ and ‘leftism’ are merely short-forms of ‘left-wing politics,’ or someone who adheres to them. But lately, it has started being used in a different way – which I agree with – and I’d now like to define, as well as explain why they are important words to use.

In essence, leftism is now used to mean left-wing radicalism. From socialism to the discrimination of whites and males, leftism has very much taken hold of society. Are leftists a fringe group? Most likely. But regardless, their influence has now taken hold of the Democratic Party, and most of the news and entertainment media. Fringe or not, they are a tangible threat now.

Now I’d like to explain why it’s important to use the word ‘leftist.’

I’m not going to once again explain the difference between liberals and the far-left. I and others have explained that plenty by this point. No, instead what I’m going to explain is how leftism is so dangerous and how it took hold in the first place.

When I first got into politics, at around the age of 21, I didn’t consciously choose to be a liberal, I simply realized I always was. One of the main reasons I got into politics in the first place was because I was beyond sick of the religious Right. They were the ones who were offended by everything, they were the ones who rejected science, and they were the ones who tried to inhibit freedoms. From my point of view, liberals were the ones who owned the term ‘free speech’ and I was quite in love with that. Whenever conservatives tried to justify their nonsense, it was always about “what Jesus would want.”

Terri Schiavo, the Iraq War, stem cell research, climate change, the theory of evolution, gay marriage, marijuana… Everything that popped up in the news, the Right was there to bring Jesus into the debate. When I first got into politics, I thought the Right will never stop being a threat to freedom because they always think God agrees with them and therefore it’s literally impossible to change their mind about anything. What angered me the most was that they tried to own the word ‘freedom’ while perpetuating their bullshit. Anyone remember when Ted Haggard got caught having gay sex with a prostitute, and how the Christian community demanded he step down from leading his megachurch?

Well, now it’s the Left that has started behaving exactly like that.

You can’t disagree with the Left about anything, because they are the warriors for ‘social justice,’ and therefore cannot be wrong about anything. Sound familiar? Sound exactly like saying you can’t be wrong because God is on your side?

It’s worse. Much worse. Prominent figures in society, from movie stars to TV hosts are having their histories searched through, until something is found where they said something politically incorrect, and then they are forced to apologize and step down from their ‘position of privilege.’ If they apologize, then it’s a confession of guilt and therefore they are a bad person. If they don’t apologize, then they are a bad person for not apologizing. There is no correct action. Once you’ve sinned, you cannot be forgiven. At least the Right could always forgive their own. The Left can’t forgive anything or anyone, including their own.

It’s even worse than that, too. The Left has invented this thing called intersectionalism. Basically, the more minority groups you belong to, the more perfect you are. If you’re a woman (even though women are the majority of the population), that’s great, but it’s not enough. You have to be black, preferably gay, preferably poor, and preferably trans. The more boxes you can check, the more of a victim you are (even if you’re not), and therefore everyone else should shut up and never question anything you say.

Britain has a problem with Muslim grooming gangs, acid and knife attacks, and general disregard for British law. Yet, these people are getting away with these crimes because the police don’t want to ‘look racist.’ No, these people can’t do anything wrong, it’s you who are wrong to even have a problem with their behavior.

You can probably guess what I’m getting at here. The Left has become a religion. It even believes in original sin, in the sense that if you’re born white (or male), you are automatically a bad person and there’s nothing you can do about it except feel shame and disgrace for the sin of being born white or male.

This is why ‘leftism’ is an important word to use and keep using. The suffix ‘ism’ is the important part. It’s being Left for the sake of being Left. Anything that might be even remotely right-wing is evil. Anyone to the right of Stalin is far-right and therefore is the enemy.

It’s a dogmatic cult that has taken over the Left. So, it’s not entirely about the difference between being liberal (like myself) versus being leftist. It’s about properly identifying your enemy so that you can more easily understand it. Leftism is not an enemy you can defeat with logic or reason, the same way you can’t change the mind of the religious Right (which is now a fringe group). I don’t know what will work, otherwise I would have suggested it long ago. All I know is that using facts and logic and reason won’t work against these people. You cannot make someone realize they are in the wrong when they are completely convinced they are anointed to bring their utopia to the world at any cost.

Leftism is why I abandoned the Left, but did not abandon liberalism. In fact, I’ve embraced liberalism more than ever. At first it was easy to sympathize with hating white people, and the rich, and men. It’s a trap I nearly fell into. But I clung to my principles and realized that enemies can come from within your own team. I learned I was never part of the Left, I was always part of the center. I am loyal to my principles, not any particular side. I oppose fascism and communism both. I oppose religion and social justice both.


Speaking of Stalin, one of my favorite movies of all time is The Death of Stalin. A hilarious movie that is also historically accurate and realistic despite being a comedy. But notice how you will never hear about this movie in mainstream media. Why? Because it depicts Stalin, a socialist, as what he was: A tyrant who terrorized his own people.


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