The Crime of Fatherlessness

Children grow up eventually, and how they were raised carries into their adulthood.

Lately, many videos from YouTubers I have been subscribed to for years keep bringing up the subject of fatherlessness and the damage it is causing to greater society. It’s a useful coincidence for me personally that many YouTubers I watch have been talking about this subject.

For one example, the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad has researched that somewhere around 65% of black kids come from single-parent households (and I know we can all broadly guess how many of those single parents are mothers). Sargon attributes this fact to why blacks commit far more crimes than any other race in America. Paul Joseph Watson (who I don’t even like) mentioned this recently in his video about Gillette’s controversial ad about masculinity. Even Ben Shapiro mentioned this problem very briefly in his network’s show Backstage. These are just the examples I can think of off the top of my head. Point is, as much as our culture wants you to think otherwise, having a father’s presence (meaning a familial, masculine presence) in a child’s life, boy or girl, is absolutely necessary for healthy mental and physical development, and people are starting to wake up to this crisis. Well, people who care, anyway.

At the end of this article, I will post a multitude of links and graphics about this subject so that you can see the research for yourself. This problem in our society needs to fucking stop. But for now, onto the article.

Stephen King recently joked about his father, saying, “When I was little, my dad left for a pack of smokes, and apparently he’s still out looking for them. They must have been some rare cigarettes.” I’m glad he’s able to laugh about such a serious matter; laughter is often the best coping mechanism. King grew up fatherless, and that is something he and I share, as well as a love for writing.

For a long time in modern history, it was normal for men to work while their wives stayed at home raising the kids, cleaning the house, preparing food, and even handling the finances. Sometimes though, like what happened with Stephen King, fathers decided they don’t want their kids or their wife and just took off, leaving their wives alone to fend for themselves financially when they weren’t the least bit prepared for it. This is a large part of the reason child support was invented: to ensure that this was something women don’t need to worry about. You make kids, you take care of those kids, or at the very least you don’t take off until your kids are fully secured elsewhere.

Over the decades, though, child support has been turned from a necessity to an opportunity. A weapon. It’s all thanks to the rise of radical left-wing politics starting in the 1960s. Over the past 50 years, at least, society has been telling women that men are the enemy and that they are superior to men. Many, many women have decided they want kids, but don’t want to share, and so they conceive kids with men, only to leave those men, stealing the kids, and forcing that man to give them free money for the next 18 years. I don’t know if man-hating in particular was prominent in the 1960s, but it sure exists now, and it’s only made this matter even more impossible to defeat.

Just because someone is born male, that doesn’t mean they lack desire to care for their children. It certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of parenting. Men can love their children, and be equally skilled in raising them as a woman. In my personal opinion (I don’t pretend statistics can support this), men are actually better at parenting, at least once their child becomes old enough to talk. I’ve met many women who have no desire to even be mothers at all and/or have no parental instincts or skills, so obviously both sexes can be just as skilled or incompetent at parenting. As far as attitudes go, the vast majority of the men I’ve known who became fathers are fully, completely emotionally invested in their kids and would hate to lose them. The only ‘man’ that I have ever known who was outright uninterested in his kids was my own father.

I’m going to dispel the myth responsible for perpetrating this epidemic of fatherless homes here and now. Men are biologically built to care for their families. Yes, you read that right. For a man to not want to be with his family is actually rare. They are anomalies. Nature made men stronger, larger, more pain-resistant, faster, and more cognitive for the purpose of protecting and providing. Providing and protecting is what gives males the most fulfillment and satisfaction. That is the difference between boys and men: It’s not age, it is willingness to protect and provide for their kin, and nature agrees with me. So, just because sometimes you hear about this guy over here, or that guy over there who abandoned his children, that doesn’t mean all men (or even most) are like that. For every one ‘man’ who abandoned his children, there are 100 who never have and never will.

But, as I touched on a bit earlier, the epidemic of fatherless homes is not because of men who didn’t want to stick around, it’s because of women (enabled by their ultra-tribalistic friends and family) who just don’t want to share and also love the idea of free money. Society has justified this by spreading the belief that women suffice completely on their own as parents. Bullshit! And I would be saying the same thing if we had this stupid belief about men instead. Humans, male and female, are built to need both parents. I’m not saying that single parents always become single parents by choice, I’m not saying kids raised by single parents can’t turn out well, nor am I saying gay couples cannot raise children properly, but what I am saying is that it is healthier for kids to be raised by a father and a mother. You are far more likely to get good results that way. And don’t even get me started on the damage it causes for children to have stepparents in addition to their biological parents…

Statistics show that fatherless homes are causing tremendous damage to our entire society. It has an equal effect on both boys and girls, but the damage takes different forms in boys and girls. Just in case nobody knew, every single adult to ever live was once a child. The things we had in childhood we bring into adulthood, especially when it comes to emotions and our general mental framework. In boys, having no father to raise them makes it far more likely they will turn out to be homeless, in prison, join a gang, commit murder (or a massacre), fail at school, become drug addicts, and be generally irresponsible as adults. In girls, having no father to raise them makes it far more likely they will become attached to predatory older males, become prostitutes, have nothing but failed relationships their entire adult life, attempt suicide, and also become drug addicts.

And when I say “no father to raise them,” I am not talking about if their father showed his face once in a while. I’m not talking about whether their father visited sometimes. I’m talking about raising them. In case I need to explain further, raising means actively being around on a daily basis (or at the very least, being around on some consistent, frequent basis), and making important decisions on their behalf during their upbringing, and being able to set boundaries for them, and being able to teach, and disciplining, and providing for them directly instead of indirectly, and being present whenever their child needs help, protection, encouragement or just affection. Fathers need to be FATHERS. Not visitors, not hang-out buddies, and certainly not acquaintances or strangers. They need to be in positions to teach, protect, establish boundaries, be affectionate, and just be overall loyal. Most fathers would be all these things, were it not for selfish mothers who cause more damage than good by separating their kids from their fathers, partially or completely.

Younger generations (people aged 7 to 35) are more misbehaved than ever, more depressed than ever, more addicted to substances than ever, more suicidal than ever, more confused/uncertain about their own identity than ever… Why? Because fathers are more absent than ever. Sometime in the recent past, people got it into their heads that broken families are somehow better than complete families.

I’m not saying mothers aren’t important, and I’m not saying mothers can’t do a good job raising their kids on their own if they have to. But if they just simply chose to out of greed, they have robbed their children of half the happiness, half the opportunities, and most of the safety and security they could have had. Even worse, any parent willing to do something so cruel and selfish isn’t mentally fit for the job of parenting in the first place. Downplaying a father’s role on purpose is massively egotistical, shortsighted, and careless. Therefore it takes someone with those traits to do something like that. I’ve personally seen this over and over, where a woman steals her kids from their father(s), and years down the road the mother ends up living in a filthy home, living off government assistance, addicted to some kind of substance, having boyfriend after boyfriend, and went absolutely nowhere with her life. With the exception of substance abuse, these are all things my mother did. And I’ve seen this many times elsewhere, too. My mother got away with stealing her kids, but lo and behold, the state took one look at her lifestyle and realized she was not capable of being a parent, and thus we were all put in foster care. It takes a certain kind of person to behave a certain kind of way.

A real woman sees past her selfish desires, but a girl can’t tell the difference between what she wants and what she must do.

When you deprive a man of his ability to be a father, or even purposefully become an obstacle to his fatherhood, you also lessen his ability to be a father in the first place. Like depriving someone of books and an education then saying, “See? They can’t read!” Well, duh!

Maybe this is what a lot of women understand and actually count on? Regardless… Nothing, and I mean nothing, drives males to improve themselves more than being responsible for a little person. Another reason this epidemic of fatherlessness is such a problem, is because it lessens the incentive for males everywhere, of all ages, to be real men. These days, men just figure there’s no good reason to be married, and there’s no good reason to provide for a family because it’s all going to be taken from them for stupid reasons anyway. Same goes with their money.

Even if a woman is barred from being greedy, she will still waste tremendous lengths of time, and copious amounts of money for everyone involved, just simply trying to take everything from her kids’ father for no good reason. Even if she loses in the end, she still created a nightmare for the kids, and the father, and every person connected to them, by waging an unnecessary war in the first place.

From a child’s perspective, what reason is there to have stable relationships (friends, romances, or even family) when their mother purposefully broke up their family? If anything, this causes children to either emulate this when they’re adults, or become resentful. Children part of broken families grow up to be broken people. Sometimes parents can’t be together yet both are perfectly capable of raising their children. For a mother to strip a father of his crucial role, or even for a father to strip a mother of her crucial role, is egregious and despicable. It’s better if parents are together, but if they can’t be (which happens), that does not inherently mean either parent should outright lose their rights as a parent.

I’ve spent so much time talking about this because I honestly believe fixing this problem would fix most, yes most, of all problems we have in our society. Like I said earlier, every adult was once a child, and we always bring what we had in our childhoods into our adulthoods. I know for sure that a lot of people will claim this post is claiming all women are horrible. Absolutely fucking not. I’ve met a lot of women (who I call real women), who have never broken up their family, who can admit their mistakes, who choose to always find ways to improve themselves, who are patient, who aren’t self-important, who listen to good advice and give good advice, and are generally altruistic. All I’m saying with this article is that females are now encouraged more (by both sexes) to be self-absorbed girls rather than being real women, and it’s causing tremendous societal damage.

I forgot to mention: for the past two years, life expectancy has dropped, not risen. The cause? Rise in opioid addiction. I strongly doubt that’s a coincidence.


Drug Overdoses

Drug Overdoses Since 1980

Heroin Dependence

Overall Deaths


Infographic From National Center for Fathering

Consequences of Fatherless Homes

From NPR
Excerpt: Boys are more likely to lash out, which is why we’re more aware [of how they’re affected], but if a young girl is imploding, we don’ t see it.

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  1. It’s good to know that high crime rates can be attributed to fatherlessness. My sister has been telling me about how she’s expecting her first child soon, and she wants to know what the effects will be if her husband walks out on them. I’ll share this information with her so that she knows more about the effects of fatherlessness.


  2. Thanks for this, having grown up not fatherless, but with what I call PPA, or Pervasive Paternal Absenteeism, something I think must come close to outright fatherlessness, in terms of the damage done to children then, and later on in life.

    I like the distinctions you make in your paragraph “And when I say ‘no father to raise them’…”, and concur. In my own various discussions on paternal (or in fact, generally parental) dereliction of duty or abdication of responsibility, I insist on the difference between “supporting children” (which is often little more than financial), and “being supportive”. The latter doesn’t just imply the continued emotional investment you indicate, but requires it.

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