Ego Masquerading As Humility

Most Progressive activists are white, middle-to-upper-class people. Most of the people who claim to passionately defend minorities and women are not minorities themselves. They do not come from difficult backgrounds, they do not understand what it’s like to be any of the people they claim to fight for. Most of these people are outsiders who claim to hate themselves and hate their own ‘kind.’ It is not virtue. They want everyone to think it is virtue, but it is not. It’s not virtue, it is ego.

“Look at me! I’m white but I hate being white! That means I’m such a good person!”

“Look at me! I’m male, but I’m a feminist. That means I’m such a good person!”

“Look at me! I’m a white woman who talks about how hard it is for black women! I’m such a good person!”

These people do not have the interests of minorities in mind. They don’t care about the defenseless, they don’t care about those who cannot speak up for themselves. All they want is to draw attention to themselves, holding up people they feel sorry for as a means for drawing attention. Like those women who adopt African or Asian babies, then all they can ever talk about with strangers and friends is how they adopted a baby from a poor country. I have always believed that if you showcase the great things you’ve done, you’re not a good person, you’re lower than good. Good people do not feel the need to tell the world about the good things they’ve done, when it’s not called for.

Not to mention, Progressives actively keep minorities down more than anyone else. How? By constantly telling minorities that they are oppressed and the only way to stop being oppressed is by hating certain people. 1), constantly telling people they are oppressed is bigoted in itself, 2), it makes those people focus far too much on what demographic they belong to rather than spending the effort to improve their lives, 3), hating certain people is never a way to spread love and tolerance.

The belief that “all your problems will go away once this particular demographic goes away” is exactly the kind of thinking that you claim to be fighting against. You’re not fighting against it, you’re spreading more of it. This is the fundamental difference between liberals and leftists: liberals truly want peace between all people, while leftists want people of the wrong skin color, sex, and ideology to disappear entirely. The far-left wants everyone to be the same, in every way, while liberals welcome and love and even prefer differences among people. The far-left are just inverted versions of the KKK and white slavers. They truly are the KKK for the other side.

When Brie Larson gets up on stage and says, “I don’t want some 40-year-old white dude…” Okay, stop right there. Right from that moment forward, she lost the argument. Whatever cause she thinks she believes in, it’s certainly not acceptance and equality, because at that exact moment, she spat hatred toward ‘the bad kind of people.’ You are not fighting the problem, Brie, you are the problem.

Besides, she wasn’t, nor ever will, truly fight for anything. It’s just about drawing attention to herself, and using minorities to do it. She thinks that starring in a movie that cost tens of millions of dollars to make is somehow going to … what? Free the slaves again? Seriously, what does she think starring in Captain Marvel going to accomplish? I’m genuinely curious what her end goal with this is. She outright stated that this movie is her activism. Okay… Explain what it’ll help and how. How will starring in the hundredth Marvel movie make the world a better place? Even if it were truly the first Hollywood production starring a strong female lead (which it isn’t), how will that make the world a better place?

By the way, there are countless movies starring ‘strong female characters.’ They’ve been around for literally decades.

Alien, Wonder Woman, The Hunger Games, Silence of the Lambs, Aeon Flux, Divergent, Ghostbusters 2016, Ocean’s 8, Elektra, Catwoman, Atomic Blonde, Sucker Punch, Underworld, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, Lucy, Ghost in the Shell, Frozen, Mulan…. And so much more.

Needless to say, you don’t have an argument at all, Brie. And those are just some of the female-led movies. Many, many other movies may not star strong females, but certainly have strong females among the most important characters. Star Wars is a prime example, in which all of them either have a strong female at the lead, or among the main characters (literally all of them). Pretty much any movie you can think of probably has a strong female among its main characters. So, again, if Captain Marvel truly was the first movie, ever, of all time, to feature a strong female, it still begs the question: So what? But it’s not the first anyway. Not by a long shot.

Like I’ve been saying, it’s just ego. Nothing but ego. If Brie Larson, or any of the people like her, truly cared about equality, they wouldn’t be spouting such nonsense. Their only concern is feeling good and looking good, that’s it.


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