The War On Men

As a liberal, I am vehemently against the idea that any one person, or any group, or any demographic is superior to the others. We are all human, we are all individuals, and a person’s character must be judged based on their individual character, not the demographic they belong to. There is a belief that has taken hold of our society, and it’s making everything worse, not better. That belief is women being seen as superior to men. This offends me just as much as if it were the other way around. It ought to be offensive to everyone.

This belief is not simply dangerous because it’s just [insert name of random demographic] vying for more and more power, it is dangerous because women in particular always have and always will have power that men will never have, and everyone thinks they should have even more. Women have the power of creating people. Even in ultra-patriarchal societies, which hardly exist anymore, women never could be treated with disregard, for this very reason. In no society have women been expendable, like men.

As I understand it, this is the reason Karen Straughan (a woman, obviously) has stated, “I am not a Men’s Rights Activist, because that won’t always be necessary, but being anti-feminist will always be necessary.

Think of it this way: The sun is essential for the survival of all life on earth. It has that power. It has power that Earth’s organisms will never have, but will always need. But what if the sun had an occasional tendency to expand up to 50%, or even double its current size? That would be devastating to all life on Earth. The sun would go from being essential, to being a grave threat. Wouldn’t change the fact we need the sun … but it’ll threaten us if it becomes too large.

In Western society, women have always been on equal footing with men. They have been rulers, and even the most revered rulers (Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, etc.) throughout the West’s history. Men have always (until recent decades) been expected to open doors for women, pull out their chairs from tables, and even stand up when a woman leaves the room. It’s always been taboo for a man to strike a woman. I could go on… So, really, what’s with this victim mentality women (or people who claim to speak for them) have been having since the 1960’s? Seriously?

In America, the argument in the late 1910’s against suffrage (women voting) was not that women are incapable of making decisions, the argument was that they shouldn’t. The argument was that women should care for their families while men provide. It was actually considered a waste of a woman’s time concerning herself with tedious politics when she could instead keep her family healthy and loved. The reason for being against women voting was not out of sexism. Were I alive back then, I still would have advocated for women to have the right to vote, but the opposition didn’t have a bad argument. I would have said, “Good point, but if a woman would rather focus on her family, she would still have that freedom.” That’s the wonderful thing about freedom: it goes both ways. And even still, in the end, it was men who chose to give women this power. The power of democracy. And since women have always been the majority of the voting population since 1920, women essentially have had the greatest authority for 100 years. In democracies, the majority wins, and women are the majority. So again, I ask, what the hell have feminists been complaining about since the 1960’s? Since ever, actually?

Karen Straughan is scared of the idea of women having too much power. It’s easy to accumulate more power when you are already powerful as you are. What our society seems to have forgotten is that women are human. Rather than thinking of women as human, with flaws and limitations, we seem to have started to think that women are all directly descended from heaven. Well, as a liberal, I refuse to think any group of people are superior to others, and that includes women. I still believe women are human. You may be reading this thinking, “Nobody thinks women are perfect.”

Then why is it that nobody is bothered with how unfairly men are treated? Hell, when you read that very sentence, your instant thought was most likely something to the effect of, “Well, men can take care of themselves,” or, “Men should just suck it up and deal with things,” or, “What are you talking about? Men get everything they want! They’re not being treated unfairly, it’s women who have it worse!”

When you hear the phrase, “I’m taking the kids,” do you immediately imagine a man or a woman saying that? Whichever you answered with (and we all know which), ask yourself why that particular sex is even capable of doing that so easily. Let’s pretend (emphasis on the word ‘pretend’) that men and women make that statement equally often: Ask yourself who – men or women – are more likely going to get away with doing that with the law on their side? Ask yourself why ‘taking the kids’ not only happens, but also happens often enough that everyone is familiar with the phrase.

Still think men have all the power?

Take a wild guess when I ask you: who is most often the one who is forced to pay alimony or child support, and who is most often the recipient? Take a wild guess when I ask you: do men have any power to stop it if a woman decides to get an abortion? Take a wild guess when I ask you: is it men or women who are completely immune to being drafted into the army?

Men commit suicide far more often. There is only 1 woman for every 20 men who are homeless. Women are now graduating school more often. Childless women now make more money than childless men. Men are the majority of workplace deaths. Boys are the victims of rape and molestation more than girls. Men are the majority of murder victims. Men are the majority of the prison population (and receive longer sentences for the same crimes).

Still think men have it easy?

On the Titanic, they didn’t say, “Men and children only.”

So, I ask: What is the point of feminism? Anyone who looks at the numbers, and anyone who just simply pays attention to the things happening around them, can see a very clear picture that the ones with the greatest advantages are women, easily. This isn’t just the fault of society, by the way. I’m not making that argument entirely, even though society certainly isn’t helping the problem. It’s nature itself as well.

This next paragraph might be extremely uncomfortable to read, but if you remain objective and honest, you’ll realize you can’t disagree: Both sexes are naturally inclined to give special treatment to those weaker or helpless. Most social animals have a sense of fairness, including dogs and primates, and this has been tested. When one is smaller and less capable, the others go out of their way to help and even refuse special treatment (in most cases). My point is, if people truly thought women can take care of themselves, nobody would be so inclined to favor women in any way. Court systems wouldn’t give lighter sentences for the same crimes, and government programs for women wouldn’t be everywhere while programs for men are nonexistent. People give women special treatment because everyone, including women, don’t really think of women as superior. It’s really insulting and illiberal when you think about it. Women would be told to just ‘suck it up’ and ‘deal with it’ like men are told, if we really thought women are superior. They’d be treated exactly the same way men have always been treated.

This fact is why I strongly believe nobody, including women, want women to be treated as equals. Women don’t want the baggage that comes with being male. Things are expected of us, we have no easy way of making a living (or just living comfortably), and we receive far less sympathy.

Here’s what happens when you truly treat women as equals…

I’ve never – literally never – treated my significant others as if they were inferior or superior. Not as a teen, not as an adult. In fact, in hindsight, I think that was something that bothered all of them. Deep down, most females would rather be treated like damsels or queens, but never equals. During my relationships, when getting groceries, I always asked, “Do you want to pay for this, or do you want me to?” Or even when it came to paying the bills. Normally we split expenses 50/50 but sometimes it’s easier for one person to cover it, especially when most accounts (like internet accounts, cable accounts, insurance accounts, etc.) are in only one name, or especially in the moment like with groceries. In the past, I’ve paid the rent while my girlfriend covered the electricity and groceries, and I made well enough to pay for literally everything. I’ve always encouraged my girlfriends to have their own car while I also have mine, I’ve encouraged them to have good jobs (or even the same job I had), and in day-to-day life I asked for their input with everything while simultaneously making my opinion known. Not once did I say something will happen, or be done a certain way, simply because I said so. (In fact, a certain partner of mine repeatedly said that to me instead. I still never said it to her, though.) THAT is treating women like equals. And for some reason, it bothers everyone who sees me do it. Feminists, or feminist-sympathizers, always demand to be treated equal … and yet when women are actually treated like equals, it’s offensive… Males are still expected to do everything on behalf of women AND submit to their every whim. We are required to take charge AND keep our heads down??

Trust me, I didn’t do the things I described out of laziness. Everyone, both men and women, have part of them that desires to be superior to everyone around them. It’s part of being human. I would be lying if I claimed that no part of me wanted pay for everything, own all the items, and have complete authority in the relationship. The reason I split expenses was so that I physically could not make the claim that I should always get my way because I pay for everything. I actively, consciously fought the urge to feel, or to even be, superior in all my relationships. I have always believed that a partner is a, you know … partner.

Here’s a thought: During mass-shootings, men are expected to shield their girlfriends, but it’s never expected of women to shield their men. That is yet another example of what equality would look like … if anybody truly wanted equality. Men are still expected to ask for the first date, to propose marriage, and be the breadwinners. “Happy wife, happy life,” is treated as a cutesy rhyme, when it’s actually an egregious threat. The phrase should be, “Happy spouse, happy house,” but nobody says that because, once again, nobody truly wants equality.

Really, how the actual fuck does anybody believe men have it better?

Does our society not know what it wants? No. I think what’s really going on is … it’s just simply become popular to hate men.

It’s not about treating women as equals, it’s about treating women as superiors. Society wants men to do all the things nature built men to do, while also subjugating men to be helpless servants of women. We can’t be masculine, unless it’s to create an outcome women want. We are machines, basically. We are less than human, while women are superhuman. Bullshit. We are ALL human.

I absolutely believe men should respect women, but I also absolutely believe women should respect men. Femininity is equally as important as masculinity. Equal rights, equal privileges, equal treatment, and fairness. The essence of liberalism.

Women, either choose to be damsels or choose to be warriors, but you can’t be both. Either choose to be helpless or choose to be strong. (And for the record, being strong doesn’t mean being snobby and stubborn and arrogant, it means doing what you can.) If you claim to be a feminist, or even remotely sympathize with their ‘cause,’ then don’t be offended when you are actually treated as equals. If you want things to be expected of you, then don’t be offended when things are actually expected of you. In fact, this extends to everyone, both men and women. If a man truly treats his girl like an equal, it doesn’t make him any less of a man. In fact, I think it makes him more of one. Instead of believing his place is being above his girl, or beneath her, he believes his place is being with her.

Women, consider yourselves lucky. At least you have the option to be damsels or not.


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