My Guilty Pleasures

The other day, I left my iPod at work. It wasn’t found by anyone, let alone taken, but it got me thinking about what if it had been taken, or at least used. Some people would discover my strange taste in music. It got me thinking, and ultimately I figured why not just tell everyone what they’d find. Why not go even further and just talk about all my guilty pleasures. A non-serious post is good once in a while.

I still listen to Christian music. Granted, it’s all from my childhood. You could call it nostalgia. I like how it feels to listen to music I loved from my childhood, religious or otherwise. What kind of Christian music exactly? Well, it’s a lot of Third Day, Avalon, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Family Force 5 (though they aren’t strictly Christian music). There was also the boy band Plus One, and one of my former foster parents was actually related to one of the members of that band.

I guess you could say those were my favorites growing up. Some lesser favorites include Newsong, Carman, Newsboys and DC Talk.

No top favorite song though. If I had to choose one, I guess it’d be the Third Day song May Your Wonders Never Cease. In close place is the Avalon song Always Have, Always Will. Both of those songs have always just … made me feel good. I don’t know how or why, they just do.

Now for some other guilty pleasures. Like movies.

I very much enjoy the cheerleading movie Fired Up! because, yes, I find it very funny. There’s a movie I’m not the least bit ashamed to love, and that is Mean Girls. I virtually have that entire movie memorized. More movies include Titanic and The Princess Bride.

The last guilty pleasure I can think of (and I might add more to this post if I think of more) is Veggie Tales. Yes, I still love Veggie Tales. I haven’t been religious for 10 years now, and I still watch it, and plan on showing them to my daughter. It’ll probably be the furthest extend of my intentionally exposing her to religious materials. Now, let me list my favorite Silly Songs with Larry in order:

  1. The Song of the Cebu
  2. I Love My Lips
  3. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything
  4. Water Buffalo
  5. The Dance of the Cucumber
  6. Larry’s High Silk Hat
  7. Oh, Santa
  8. The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps
  9. BellyButton
  10. Barbara Manatee

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