A Change of Heart About Valentine’s Day

Last month, when I was first reminded that Valentine’s Day was coming, I started thinking about the holiday for some reason. I didn’t want to, my brain wanted to.

I haven’t ‘celebrated’ Valentine’s Day since 5th grade. Sometime in middle school, it just hit me that the holiday is stupid and over-commercialized. It’s basically just the first corporate cash-grab day of the year, was my opinion. More importantly, and more prominently, I believed that if you are in a relationship with someone, you should treat every day with them as a special one, and not let society tell you what day to make special. I figured people already have birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. So yeah, I haven’t been a fan for a long time. But, last month a new thought came to me while I was subconsciously dwelling on this subject for no reason.

As adults, it’s damn near impossible to make every day special with your partner. Immense stress from responsibilities, a constant desire to just take a nap because you’re aging (and stressed), and the simple fact that making every day special would, by default, make those days not special. If you’ve been with someone for a long time, like many years, it’s only human to take your partner for granted some days, because you’re so used to them being around. Some days we outright don’t feel the love as much as other days, especially when there’s been conflict, or there are just no significant things happening at all. Sometimes it’s difficult to even remember that your partner (woman OR man) wants to feel special from time to time, because of the aforementioned things. Both sexes are guilty of all these things.

Plus, we have holidays for a reason. Holidays are specifically meant for remembering things, whether that is historical events, or important things to consider in day-to-day life. Thanksgiving is a day set aside each year to remember to be thankful. Christmas is a day set aside each year to be generous and spend time with your loved ones. MLK Jr. Day is to remember the struggles of minorities, namely ethnic minorities. Etc., etc. So, logically, what’s the harm in setting aside a day to remember how special your special one is?

So, I’ve had a change of heart about Valentine’s Day (no pun intended, though I might make that the title of this article with the pun absolutely intended). Same with certain other holidays I never cared for.


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