Bigotry Only Changes Its Targets

I’ve noticed something recently. Bigotry never goes away; it never even starts to fade. Over time, bigotry only changes its targets.

When you look at the modern Left, it’s obvious that they are stuck in a time period from before they were born. The modern Left thinks it’s living in the 1850s, where women can’t vote and slavery still exists. The modern Left NEEDS this to be true, otherwise they have nothing to fight for… Which is ridiculous because there are real issues facing certain groups of people these days. The difference is, it’s not who it was in the past, and the Left doesn’t care.

This is the primary reason it annoys me that progressives have appropriated the word ‘liberal.’ If you are a true liberal, you will fight for all people, regardless of how they were born. Progressives don’t care anything for white people, rich people, or men, and especially not if you’re all three. And if you stand for the rights of any of these people, you will actually be met with violent opposition.

The bigots are still here, everyone. They will always be here. Bigots have simply changed targets.

If a man slaps a woman, there is public outcry, but if a woman strikes a man, she is applauded. If little boys are sexually exploited and forced into militias in an African nation, nobody cares, but if the victims are little girls instead, there’s a multi-million-dollar hashtag movement to do something about it. Oh, and did I mention the fact that little boys are raped more often than little girls? Nobody cares. From black-only dormitories to female-only public services, everyone thinks they’re doing good when in reality, they are no different than the people they claim to be fighting against.

And don’t even get me started on divorce and child custody cases. Divorce courts couldn’t be more biased against men if they tried. They’re not divorce courts, they’re kangaroo courts, where men are separated from their precious children (and their hard-earned money) for the crime of being born male.

In the past, yes, men were unfair to women. Yes, blacks were once in bondage. Yes, the right wing has always been against gay marriage. But you fight these things by being outspoken, not by being bigots in return. You don’t vandalize property, or shout over someone, or physically block someone’s path, or outright attack them. This only makes the people you hate, well, hate you in return, when you didn’t need to hate them in the first place. Now both of you hate each other…

You people are creating the very thing you claim to be fighting against. You are causing ordinary people, who would have been on your side, to despise you. You are the ones convincing people that anyone with your appearance, or anyone with your sexual orientation, or anyone with your political views, is truly evil and should be stopped. Just like what the Right caused you to be now.

You have to break the cycle. You have to be better. Don’t just think of yourselves as better, you have to actually BE better. You have to be true liberals, not liberals in name only. Defend everyone, even those you aren’t fond of. If you can’t do that, stay away from activism altogether.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream of blacks and whites being equal. He did not say he dreamed of blacks one day rising up and persecuting their white oppressors. He was a true liberal. Maybe I shouldn’t even use the word ‘liberal’ here with him. Maybe I should just say MLK was a truly decent human being. A truly good person. A good man with a good heart, in my opinion.

These days, it’s still popular to hate. The only thing that’s changed is who we get away with hating. But hate is still alive and well. The enemy is hate itself.

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