Everything (In This Movie) Is Awesome

I haven’t heard anyone call The Lego Movie an instant classic, but I think it damn well should be. It is the greatest family film since the original Star Wars, and in some ways is the greatest family film of all time.

The Lego Movie happens within a child’s imagination. A child playing with Legos, who made a fake story that relates to a real story (within the movie). The kid’s dad wants all the Lego sets in his basement (and probably all around their house as well) to be exactly how he wants them, no matter what. Toward the end of the movie, the imagined story in the Lego world, and the real world, align. When the real-life villain, the kid’s dad, finally understands his son’s message, the Lego world’s villain changes as well.

So, what is the lesson? Be yourself. Be imaginative. You are special as you are, and you just need to discover how to become everything you were meant to be, even if nobody believes in you.

Simple, seen in countless other movies, but never done so perfectly.

Not to mention, the Lego animation in this movie is beautiful. All of the characters are great (my favorite being Morgan Freeman’s character). And the humor is spot-on throughout it all. I honestly can’t think of any other safe-for-all-ages family movie that is genuinely this funny.

This movie is damn near perfect.

My one and only issue is at the end when Emmett seems to actually come alive. That part didn’t make any sense. Emmett, the Lego piece, in real life, is … actually alive? He doesn’t just exist in the kid’s imagination? He actually moves, completely on his own, when the kid is at the other end of the basement… I honestly can’t make sense out of why they put that in the movie. It didn’t even accomplish anything for the movie’s plot…

Apart from that brief misstep, and despite it, the movie is damn near perfect and I’d give it a score of 100%. I bought it for my infant daughter and she loves it, too, and she doesn’t even know what Legos are yet. Awesome movie all around, for all ages.

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