When Family Fails You – Introduction

Soon, I will be writing what will probably be my longest post ever. It will be called When Family Fails You, and it will concern something immense that’s going on in my life right now. It will be about something that I’ve wanted to voice for a long time now that I haven’t said a word about. Writing is how I vent, it’s how I organize my thoughts, and it’s how I communicate best. This upcoming post will half be directed toward the people it will be about, and half directed toward my audience. A sort of ‘open letter’ letter, if you will.

My life is about to change. I need to get this off my chest. In the meantime, my audience, stay tuned. I don’t know when this post will be released, but it won’t be too long. I’ll be preparing the post slowly. Merely thinking about it is emotionally draining. I’ll keep blogging as usual just to keep myself distracted.

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