The Sequel Trilogy Cannot Be Canon

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This won’t be a list, like I did with the prequel trilogy. Instead, it will be a short, objective statement.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy cannot be canon for the simple reason that Disney has done everything it can to undo both the prequels AND the original trilogy. With The Force Awakens, they recreated A New Hope without giving proper explanations for why everything fell apart.

Disney made the victory against the Empire in Return of the Jedi completely worthless. They made that victory not even worth the time we spent getting there. When Kathleen Kennedy said that she’ll be respecting the fans, I honestly, honestly cannot think of a bigger middle finger to the fans than making A New Hope in their own Disneyfied image.

Han and Leia broke up simply to make Leia a General in a rebellion again, and to make Han a smuggler again. The New Republic was not even featured in these movies because Disney wanted the good guys to be an underdog rebellion again. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, they’re simply remaking the 3 movies the fans love most, even if it doesn’t make sense, and they hoped we wouldn’t notice.

My overall point is this: We are not being told a story with episodes 7-9. It is just a corporation trying to profit on remaking the original trilogy, because corporate overlords knew the fans love the originals most.

We did not ask to see the same trilogy twice in the same continuity. When I watch Return of the Jedi, and I move on to Episode 7, I don’t want to feel I’m rewatching A New Hope. But that’s what Disney wanted, because money money money.

The Last Jedi was the ultimate proof that Disney does not care about the story, and didn’t even bother planning the story ahead of time. George Lucas may have made terrible movies with the prequels, but at least he cared about the franchise he created. At least he tried, even if it was a terrible job.

I will not pay money to watch another Star Wars movie for as long as Disney owns the franchise, which is another way of saying never.


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