Jeff Bezos Divorced

The richest man in the world is getting divorced. Currently (at the moment I’m writing this), he is worth $137 billion. Does his wife deserve half of his money?

Normally, I hate (I mean hate, with a fiery passion) the fact that men generally have to hand over their hard-earned money to a woman they’re separating from, and especially when that woman had almost nothing to do with that man acquiring such wealth. She’s usually there when he’s already rich, and even if she was there before he was rich, odds are, she didn’t provide any serious help. That being said, the answer is: Yes, I do think Jeff Bezos’ soon-to-be ex-wife deserves half his money.


Simply put, they’ve been married since 1 year before Bezos founded Amazon, which is 25 years total. That’s a quarter-century. More importantly, she’s been around since before the guy was anywhere near rich. She married him out of love. Bezos didn’t even have the idea for Amazon yet when they got married. She’s been with him through the whole thing, even if she didn’t help out much with the company. Even if she only contributed emotional support and stayed at home to care for the kids, 25 years counts for a lot.

Not to mention, Bezos has countless times stated that one of the greatest contributors to his success is having a healthy home life. Things were kept well at home, which allowed him to have a great attitude and a functional mindset when he was at work. So, basically, by Bezos’ own words, his wife actually contributed a great deal to his success.

MacKenzie, his soon-to-be ex-wife, will be the 5th richest person in the world, having $67 billion to her name, if she gets half. It’s not certain yet how much she’ll get from Bezos, but it most likely will be half of everything.

I’m actually saddened by this, to be honest. Knowing the stuff Jeff Bezos has done just to make Amazon the empire that it is, I personally don’t like the guy. But, I still find this situation sad. I don’t know why they’re divorcing, but if they lasted 25 years, it has to be a heavy loss for Bezos. Not to mention, their kids. The two shared a large portion of their lives together and death is not what’s parting them. 25 years is almost as long as I’ve been alive. What a shame.

I have to admit I’m also a little envious of MacKenzie, because she’s a writer, like I am. She’ll be the wealthiest novelist of all time, probably. Sure she wouldn’t get her wealth from writing, but still…

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