Christmas All Year

I love Christmas but I don’t wish it lasted all year (asterisk).

I think what makes Christmas so special is the fact that the season only lasts a short while, but when it’s happening, it’s the greatest time of the year. If the season lasted all year, we’d be numb to it. It wouldn’t be exciting. Devoting too much time to something is a kind of inflation: the more there is, the less value it has. We should be in the Christmas spirit all year, but only celebrate the holiday as we already do, which is just for a few weeks in the year.

I’m an atheist who laughs at the fact some people take the Jesus story as literal history. Yet, I love Christmas. I love Christmas because it encourages people to be generous, forgiving, and to spend time together. I especially love the fact it takes place in the dead of winter, when we have to spend more time indoors. The perfect opportunity to make some hot cider (or hot chocolate), and enjoy togetherness with your loved ones.

I sing the carols, even the ones about Jesus’ birth. It’s a nice story. I don’t need the story to be true to like it. I like the Jesus character, actually, as long as you leave out the bits where he threatens people with hellfire. Nobody, no matter how religious or irreligious, needs stories to be true to enjoy them. Nobody thinks comic book characters are real. Nobody thinks fantasies like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings are true stories. We still enjoy all these stories, though. Same goes with the story of Jesus’ birth, for me. My favorite Christmas song is a rather unpopular one: Do You Hear What I Hear?

I look forward to Christmas all year, but I refuse to actually start preparing for it until after the end of Thanksgiving. I couldn’t ask for a better holiday. The mere existence of Christmas makes my life a little brighter.


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