This Blog in 2019

Interviews, Audience Responses, Videos

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to add certain kinds of content to my blog, but have that content be on other platforms, namely iTunes (for podcasts) and YouTube. These things will begin in 2019, I’ve decided.

Audience Responses:

I’ll invite my audience to send me questions, and I’ll respond to them directly on YouTube. It will be questions mainly, but they (you) can also send articles, or simple give opinions on certain subject matter. I’ll respond to anything I think is worth a response.


The usual stuff, only in the form of a video. They’ll vary between simple audio tracks and full video productions.


In the same vein as regular videos, only longer. I’ll put them on both iTunes and YouTube.


These will be the most rare, at least until I gain a much larger following. I intend to interview people regularly, and it won’t really matter to me if they’re ‘famous’ or not. I’ll try to interview people who I think have good arguments about any particular subject, whether I agree with them or not.

Look forward to these things in 2019. My YouTube channel is


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