The Need to Please the Right

Transgender conservative YouTuber Blaire White made a video not long ago about being done, for the most part, with political commentary on YouTube. One of her reasons, which, to most people, stood out above the others, was that it seemed to her that most prominent conservative voices on the internet are actually full of shit.

Imagine my shock.

Blaire said, among other things, that her other conservative peers (plural) have admitted that they don’t believe everything they say on camera. “They’re just actors!” she said. “Almost all of them hire people to tweet and Facebook post and Instagram on their behalf. Tweeting opinions on their behalf… All of the things you follow these people for they don’t actually believe.” Oh, and she’s been encouraged to hire fake protesters.

I wonder if she’s, in part, talking about a certain man-child here…..?

Paul Joseph Watson keeps desperately trying to remind everyone: Conservatives are the new cool kids on the block. Er, uh, I mean, it’s the new ‘counter-culture.’ In other words, “Look everyone! Conservatives are cool now! Me! PJW! I’m a conservative and that means I’m cool!” Yeah … totally not about feeling like a big boy. You do you, Paul.

Then there’s Sargon of Akkad, who just plain baffles me. Claims to be a liberal, but never (I repeat: never) says anything that the Right wouldn’t agree with him on. After so many years on YouTube, Sargon, there comes a point when this shit is intentional. And he’s only friends with right-wingers, like PJW. There was one interview (I think the most recent one) Sargon did with PJW, and this is literally how the conversation started:

“So… What do you want to talk about?”

Yes, they agreed to meet up, they set up a camera before they started conversing, and actually began the talk trying to figure out what the hell they’re going to talk about. I couldn’t help but notice PJW isn’t so good at looking people in the eye during one-on-ones. Shy in person, but a big boy behind the camera.

Here’s what I’m getting at with this post. Actual conservatives are a rare breed these days. We all know what they really believe, and they know most people find them ridiculous now. These posers, like Paul Joseph Watson, only play a part, and it’s not primarily for money, it’s clearly to feel special. Same with Sargon. Maybe Sargon is trying to make liberalism a right-wing philosophy, even though that can’t possibly ever happen. Or maybe Sargon is just confused. Sargon is tenacious enough to go out in public and please a crowd, but when it comes to saying anything the Right wouldn’t like, he cowers away.

I regularly watch Sargon. For the most part, I agree with him on any given issue. I just wish he had some balls to voice differing opinions from the Right. To Sargon, and to whoever is reading this, there’s no need to suck up to these posers, or even to actual conservatives. Being right-wing doesn’t make you cool. You know what makes you cool? Not trying so damn hard to be cool.



  1. Blaire White actually has some very informed and intelligent views on several things (despite conservs being “uncool” and therefore wrong apparently)
    I think the special ingredient that makes people “cool” or whatever is not right or left wing but thinking skeptically and being willing to listen in discussion regardless which way they lean


    1. Agreed. Blaire doesn’t act like PJW or Sargon, so I didn’t criticize her. She’s better, because she can keep it real and actually can criticize her own side.
      This post was not me saying being conservative is the opposite of cool. Sure it’s what I think but not what my point was. My point is that a lot of ‘conservative’ voices like PJW are phonies, and conservative lap dogs like Sargon are pathetic. Side with the right because you actually agree with them, not to be cool or feel special. Keep it real.


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