Police Are Greater Heroes Than Soldiers

What is a soldier? The word ‘soldier’ is just the modern word for warrior. And you can’t have warriors if there is no war. Praising warriors is hardly any different than praising war itself.

All my life it’s confused me how the Right has virtually worshiped soldiers. And don’t forget: I was raised by the Right. Even as a child, this never made sense to me. From what I’ve seen, soldiers ‘deserve honor, respect, and privileges in society (apparently) simply for having been in the military.’ That has only made sense to me if 1), our country is involved in a necessary war for the sake of its own survival, or 2), if a soldier receives some kind of medal for a heroic, selfless act. Otherwise, I really don’t get it.

A lot of people sign up to the military because they don’t have better options for their future, or because they want the gratification that comes with service, or hell, sometimes even just to be able to shoot people legally. I’m not saying all soldiers have detestable or pathetic reasons for joining, but what I am saying is that there are ALL kinds of reasons for joining the military that the Right simply ignores, because reasons. Nope, joining means you deserve honor and respect no matter what, I guess…

Not to mention, the military is a government entity. I thought the Right hated the government…? I thought the government can’t get anything done. I thought the government wasn’t good for anything. Not the case, apparently, when it comes to the business of bombing brown people.

Also not to mention, the US hasn’t had a legitimate war since WWII. We’ve done necessary things here and there, like defending Kuwait in the Gulf War, but that wasn’t exactly a service to our country, was it? Personally, I’m inclined to thank veterans who were in WWII, because our national security truly was at risk back then. But since then, our wars have only been to benefit other nations and/or spreading our own ideology to those nations. Or to get their oil. So, is the US a do-gooders club, or are we just as selfish as any other nation? We freely allow Saudi Arabia to get away with all kinds of human rights violations…

ALSO also not to mention, ‘the service’ is an industry of death in general. So much for the sanctity of life, conservatives. I guess life is only sacred before its born. It’s not like being a soldier means going to a local school and teaching self-defense. Soldiers only do that if they have spare time; it’s not their primary job by far. So, again, I ask, how does merely being in the military instantly and permanently mean you deserve honor and respect? In the service, unless it’s the National Guard, you either kill or you’re behind the scenes assisting others in killing.

I don’t claim, nor does anyone else, that soldiers cannot be heroic, brave, or deserving of respect. I just KNOW right-wingers are going to think I’m saying that and lose their shit over it. What I’m talking about is the blind worship of the military and its members, which they are undeniably guilty of.

If you want to blindly worship a government entity for sensible reasons; if you want to worship someone, because Jesus isn’t enough for you, then I have an idea: Give blind praise to policemen. That I can get on board with. Police are the ones who stand between society and anarchy. They’re the ones who keep society stable.

Am I saying the Right gives no respect to police? Of course not. I’m not even saying soldiers don’t deserve praise; many soldiers absolutely do. But the Right certainly doesn’t give the same widespread praise to police despite the fact they deserve it more than soldiers (in a broad sense). We don’t have a national holiday solely for policemen… It’s not the primary job of police to kill, like a soldier.

It’s easy to defend your people from the enemy. It’s not as easy to defend your people from each other.

Now, to address the elephant in the room, I’m well-aware of the fact that police can be dishonorable, corrupt thugs who are no better than the people they are supposed to defend society from. It seems many people only join the force as revenge for high school or because daddy beat them as a child. Nothing lures desperate people like a chance to have power. Additionally, I’m aware that police can be a tool of a government to oppress their own people. This is why I don’t blindly praise anybody, especially any particular group of people. There are always bad apples. I’m just saying praising police is more sensible than praising soldiers.

The Left, including liberals (I have to admit), frequently paints police in a broad stroke of being nothing but power-hungry assholes who do nothing but victimize black people. I think there is some truth to that, but not nearly to the degree everyone on the Left proclaims. Every group of people, regardless of occupation, race, geographic location, beliefs, sex, class, background, or lifestyle, has their percentage of degenerates. Police are no different. But if all, or even most, were as bad as the Left says, our society would be in shambles.

In the force, every single day, you never know what you’re going to run into. And yes, it is a daily risk. As a policeman (including the women), you never know if you’re going to die in a shootout, or if you’ll have to tackle a naked lunatic to the ground for public indecency. The job is not just dangerous, it’s tedious, annoying, or possibly even embarrassing.

I’ve heard (and seen footage of) many stories of police doing despicable things. But again, if they were all like that, or even most of them, we wouldn’t have a stable society at all. Personally, I’ve never had a bad encounter with law enforcement. All of mine have been pleasant and I never feared for my life. Granted, it only takes one bad encounter to change that, I know…

So, instead of making it a societal norm to thank a veteran regardless of why they were in the service, or how, or when, let’s make it a societal norm to thank officers for their service. If you already do that, kudos. Nobody deserves praise just because they’re a member of something, but all I’m saying is, if you’re going to give any group of people praise simply because of the group they’re part of, then it makes more sense for that group to be police.


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