Attaining the Mantle (A Response to Didact’s Reach)

First off, D.R., I am a big Halo fan myself. It is true that one can be a nerd and engaged in the real world as well. This post’s featured image is yours to use if you so desire. Now, forward unto my response.

In your post, which I will link here and encourage my audience to read, you quote me from two different posts of mine, claiming they contradict one another. I can see how you, and possibly others, have made this mistake. While I cannot change your political stance, I can address the one portion at the beginning where you misunderstood me.

It’s clear that you haven’t read this post, where I respond to a member of my audience who encouraged me to abandon the label ‘liberal.’ If you had read it, perhaps you wouldn’t have quoted me slightly out of context.

In my earlier post, I said, and still believe, that it is ridiculous to abandon your principles just to keep distance from lunatics who share your beliefs. I did not abandon my principles. I am still a liberal, and yes, I abandoned the Left. What does that mean? It means that I will, for the foreseeable future, vote right-wing as often as I can. That’s how you fight a political war civilly. I have declared the Left the enemy, because they are. The ones who are more liberal these days are not the Democrats or the Progressives. The ones who are more liberal these days are conservative Republicans. When I told my best friend (who is conservative) that I’m voting Republican in the US midterms, he was utterly shocked.

The pendulum swung left. What most people don’t seem to understand is that when the pendulum swings, it drags both sides with it. The Right moved closer to the center, and the Left moved, well, more to the left. It’s like living in outer space versus the core of the Earth. I don’t want to live in either. I like being between the two, on solid ground. But if fissures are forming all around me, lava is flowing everywhere, and the land I once called home is sliding under another plate before my very eyes, then my wisest option is to fly closer to the sky. Again, I don’t want to be in outer space or Earth’s core, but when the core has suddenly become unstable and is virtually self-destructing …… what the hell else am I going to do?

Weird metaphor but you get my point. I didn’t abandon my principles, I took shelter. I decided to fight against the greater evil with people I don’t see eye-to-eye with, but nonetheless share a common enemy with. I, like most liberals, am crashing on the Right’s couch (to use another analogy). My principles didn’t change, it’s the Left that changed. I’m still a liberal. The crazies can have the Left, but they can’t have liberalism. Seriously, read the article you apparently missed. I’ll link to it again here.

I did not pull a Candace Owens (who I mentioned in my article from months ago but you conveniently omitted that part). I did not decide that since the Left is crazy now, I’m suddenly a conservative and believe all the nonsense they spout. I distanced myself. I’m waiting for the Left to implode so that we liberals can return and rebuild. For now, those who joined #WalkAway are simply allies to the Right, not part of it.

I fight to bring about a certain future. A future where true liberals and true conservatives can go back to hating each other, like the good old days. Perhaps liberals and conservatives, as dualities, as two sides of the same coin, equally share the mantle of responsibility over society. It is our job to contain the extremes. We debate with each other when all is well, and we unite when the monsters awaken from slumber.

You and I, Didact’s Reach, can argue about whatever else later, but with this article I wanted to explain to you how I didn’t contradict myself across a 3-month period. If you want to debate other things, I’m game. It’s clear you don’t respect liberalism or atheism, but don’t worry, I offer my helping hand.


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