#ThotAudit – Hilarious Irony

What is a ‘thot’? It is defined as:

An acronym for That Ho Over There. Girls that post nudes and porn of themselves on social media for money and/or attention.


I’ve written about this subject before, which you can read about here. But, this situation is a bit different. Apparently, there’s been a campaign, seemingly on Twitter, for men to target THOTs for evading taxes with the large sums of cash they acquire simply by taking off their clothes. Hence, the hashtag #ThotAudit that has been trending. #ThotAudit is going after sex workers, too, who use social media to for their sex work. I suppose ‘sex worker’ has a loose definition.

I have a question that I genuinely want answered: Is there any job that pays really well that is just as easy as posting half-naked pictures of yourself … for men? Because we all know men can’t make that kind of money posting nudes. I think we all know the answer to this question, and it’s a resounding no.

So, why would men be using the IRS as a weapon against THOTs? Well, believe it or not, there is a financial gain to be had from it. You can (and this is completely true) receive up to 30% of someone’s owed taxes if you report them to the IRS. Mainly, the only catch is that you need to present actual evidence someone has evaded taxes.

Looks like that answers that question. There IS a way men can make large sums of money for little to no work, just like young women: By riding on the ‘success’ of the very girls they are envious of.

When I first learned about this, my initial thought was, How pathetic and desperate do you have to be to tattle to the government on girls who have a harmless way of making money? But then, I thought about it, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized….. There’s really nothing wrong with what these men are doing. Girls make easy money … now men can, too. Granted, it still seems very pathetic, but I can’t find anything morally wrong with it. In truth, the whole situation is fucking hilarious. I find both methods of earning revenue pathetic.

Beta males have basically declared war on THOTs. What ISN’T funny about this?

On a serious note, though… Taxes are what pay for the roads you drive on, the clean water in your tap, the policemen who protect your community, etc., etc. I find it ignorant and obnoxious when conservatives claim (or imply) that taxes are nothing but the government stealing your money. No, taxes are a necessary element to a stable, safe society. You make large sums of money, you owe some of it to the community. I believe that morally, and it’s the law. So, in a way, these envious beta males reporting tax-evading social media sluts is actually a kind of public service….

Which just makes the situation even more fucking hilarious.

Thot Definition


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