Is A (Second) Civil War Inevitable?

We’re all hearing more and more talk these days about a civil war on the horizon between the Left and the Right. Antifa is continuing to damage property and is even now targeting Right wingers at their homes, doxing them, and threatening that they ‘know where you sleep.’ It’s not surprise to me that the Right, while being the more civilized of the two sides at the moment, it’s not helping the situation by blinding supporting their own side no matter what, including and especially Trump.

Truth is, there’s only so much antagonizing that one side can take before it says ‘fuck it’ and chooses to fight back. So, do I think a second civil war is right around the corner?

Yes, actually. But I don’t believe it’s inevitable. If it’s going to happen, it will start in 2020, when Trump gets reelected, and let’s all just admit it, he will be reelected.

There’s a cause of this escalation that I haven’t heard anybody on either side speak about. Think about how long it’s been since we’ve had a world war. Think about how advanced technology is getting and thus making our lives more and more cushy. Think about how human beings have a deep-seeded desire for conflict.

Hardly anyone alive today was alive during WWII, or were old enough to have fought in it or even have remembered it. Hitler has transformed from a historical figure to just another word in the dictionary meaning ‘evil person.’ Not to mention the fact that the West has almost completely forgotten that Stalin, a communist, killed far more people than Hitler. All communist regimes result in dictatorships.

We’re getting soft, mentally and physically. Reality doesn’t matter anymore, and thanks to technology, we can more easily allow ourselves to be removed from reality. Social media has convinced us that whatever our opinion is, it must be correct, because we can always find people who agree with us.

When the Right-wing starts fighting back, one of two things will happen: Either Antifa will finally back down, or they’ll double their efforts. Regardless, it seems that a deadly clash will take place at some point; one that dwarfs what happened in Charlottesville. We can only hope it doesn’t escalate beyond that.

Some humor can be found in this situation. It’s a very serious situation, but still, it’s a little funny. Whether you’re Left or Right, we all know one thing for sure: If the two sides go to war, we all know that the Right is going to win. They are the side with vastly more firepower and virtually no beta males, while the Left prefers to throw chairs as weapons and we have virtually all of the beta males.

All joking aside, I really hope it doesn’t come to armed conflict. Nobody really wants that, but the Left keeps convincing itself more and more that war against the Right is necessary. That’s the danger of echo chambers.


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